A Yarny New Blog for 2018


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Hello again. Miss me?

For many years, I used this blog to share my thoughts about life and technology. It served me very well and I hope those that followed me got value out of it as well. I still get questions based on older blogs  here, and those aren’t going anywhere. Since joining Salesforce.org in April 2015, I haven’t felt a driving need to update this blog. I’m active in many Salesforce-related communities, and there are bloggers doing a much, much better job of sharing their Salesforce knowledge on their blogs and websites.

yarma_medium2Those that know me know that aside from Salesforce and my family, I’m passionate about two things: Knitting and Activism.

I learned how to knit when I was a teenager. It’s my escape. It’s my comfort and salvation. You have to be a knitter to understand what yarn can do to a gal, but trust me. On the other side of me, I’ve been in the nonprofit technology space professionally for nearly 20 years and I’m deeply committed to progressive causes and action. I’m particularly focused on equality, equity and disability issues.

file_medium2I love to knit lace. The more complex and intricate the better. Challenge is, that I don’t tend to wear what I make in lace and there’s only so much you can give away. The shawls are piling up and it’s hard to resist buying more yarn.

I’ve been asked many times, “Why don’t you set up an Esty shop and sell your projects?” I have friends who have said they’d love to get some of my work. I’m touched and honored. There are a number of reasons that idea doesn’t thrill me. First, knitting is my escape, not my job. I’m not looking for a side business. I’m not looking to work on deadlines.

7002127546_f150e4be3c_zA few weeks ago, I had an idea. What if I sold the lace projects I finish in 2018 off this website and 100% of what I sell goes to nonprofit organizations? Which organizations? Well, that’s something I’ll work out with the buyers. We’ll decide together on organizations that align with both our values and convictions. I’ll make the donation in the buyer’s honor (giving them the soft credit in nonprofit database geek talk). Even better, I’ll submit it for matching funds to Salesforce and double the impact.

Let’s see what happens.

Thank you @MBKolodner for posting a tweet of your wife in her new shawl!



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  1. Robert L Fernandes says:

    What about the sphincter of oddi dysfunction You used to blog about. We are still out here with no help.

    1. Judi Sohn says:

      Hi Robert, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still in pain. I only posted about sphincter of oddi dysfunction once or twice, the last being 13 years ago. That post received thousands of comments, as I’m sure you know. In 2010, I found a wonderful doctor here in New Jersey who performed a successful ERCP with sphincterotomy and I have had little issue with the condition since. I know I am one of the very, very lucky ones and I hope you find similar relief.

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