For Sale for a Cause: Windflower

If you want the background on what I’m doing, read this post first. 

Update: Closed with $200 donation to Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire!

Okay, let’s see if this grand experiment will work. I’m offering up for sale a shawl I finished on January 16, 2018. It’s a pattern from Russian designer Alla Borisova. It’s a triangular shawl about 70″ at its longest length and 50″ at the sides.

The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Fino, 70% merino wool, 30% silk. Loved working with it. And I love the story of this yarn company.

Some more photos of the shawl, both finished and in progress:


This shawl took approximately 60 hours to complete.

I’m going to donate 100% of what is paid, and will have Salesforce (my employer) match the gift.



8 responses to “For Sale for a Cause: Windflower”

  1. I think this is a great idea, Judi! As a lover of nonprofits, Salesforce, and knitting, how could I not? Your knitting is beautiful, and I can appreciate that you enjoy doing it more than wearing it – I feel the same about mine! Love the challenge, appreciate the finished product, but enjoy the process more than anything. It’s my therapy. Thanks for sharing this side with those of us who know you as a Salesforce guru!

  2. Judi, I am amazed. First, by your skill, second by your generosity, third… nope, I’ve looped back around to your skill. I, too, am a knitter, but you are in another category entirely. Lace work takes so much patience (not to mention time) and it’s generally something I avoid. I love this whole concept and will be participating. Thank you for using your talents for such a good result.

  3. Hi Judy, Your idea is truly wonderful. I would like to bid $200 for Windflower in honor of Ms. Frumie Selchen, the retiring Executive Director of Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire. Frumie is tireless in advocating for and bringing arts to northern New Hampshire, where many communities are rural do not have easy access to performing arts. I was struck by Frumie’s passion to bring diverse artists to the audience, many of whom are children and young adults. Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire is a 501c3 organization and their website is
    Thank you,

  4. Fabulous, Anita thank you!!!! I will leave this for one week and if there are no further bids, I will close and we can talk offline about the details. This sounds like an amazing organization I will be proud to help you support.