For sale for a cause: Autumn Adagio

If you want the background on what I’m doing, read this post first.

Thank you to everyone who responded so positively to my returning to my blog to share my knitting projects and hopefully, raise some funds in 2018 for worthy charities. I still have Windflower ready to go to a good home and do some good.

Just over a week later, I have another shawl finished and ready to go.

Update: This shawl has gone to Jennifer Kolodner for $250 which supported Jewish Children’s Folkshul. Their mission is “to transmit the values of social justice and human responsibility in an environment that nourishes critical thinking and provides a strong sense of Jewish identity.” Thank you, Jennifer!

The pattern is by Anna Victoria, another of my favorite lace designers. Her patterns are always complex and varied, but meticulously edited so they aren’t as hard to execute as they look for a more experienced lace knitter. I finished this one in just 10 days.


It has lots of interesting details:


Here’s a few more views of it after drying and blocking (above pictures are still wet):

I love this yarn.

It’s Twister Fiber Art’s Evolution. It’s a 100% merino wool with a tight, very consistent twist that lends itself so well to these intricate lace patterns (no splitting!). The color changes compliment crescent designs like this. My only regret is that I didn’t get quite enough of the final pale yellow transition at the end as I would have liked. The pattern called for quite a bit more yarn than I ended up using, and I was sad when it was over. Like when you finish a great book.

When soaked and blocked, the yarn takes on an amazing, soft character. I spent quite a bit of time talking with the owner Meg and her staff at Vogue Knitting Live where I purchased this yarn earlier this month. Beautiful yarn sold by a beautiful soul…my favorite combination. Take a moment to read their story and you’ll understand why I was so excited to make this the next yarn I worked with. I have a 2nd skein of this yarn in another colorway for a project coming soon!

Thanks for reading!


5 responses to “For sale for a cause: Autumn Adagio”

  1. As my bid for your beautiful Autumn Adagio shawn, I will make a $250 donation to the Wa-Kesho Organization, where my friend Gwen Aman is volunteering to help orphaned young women in Kenya to learn life skills, technology skills, and leadership skills. Gwen’s work helps young women to imagine other options for how to plan and life their lives besides getting married at a young age, and to contribute to their family incomes in a meaningful way. Gwen has raised significant funds toward refitting the Wa-Kesho workshop which burned down in a fire in 2016, buying a water purifier, and purchasing a piece of land for the organization.

    I met Gwen when we both worked at StarCite (a meetings management SaaS product) where I was the Senior Training Manager/Implementation Manager and Gwen was a Senior Account Manager. After a career as an account manager, Gwen decided it was time to give back to the world by looking outward. I am so proud of her work.

    You can learn more about Wa-Kesho here:

    • Woo hoo!! Thank you for getting the party started!! I’ll update the post with your current bid and give it a few days to see if anyone else is interested. How generous and how fortunate for the Wa-Kesho organization that they have you on their side. Sounds like they are doing great work.

      If you can find an organization with a tax ID to donate directly and fund this project rather than a gofundme page, I can make the donation and get it matched and double the impact?

  2. […] Last time I used this yarn, I had too much left over and missed the final color transition. This time, I did an extra repeat of the yellow section and ended up a bit too close for comfort. Knitters call this “yarn chicken” and I’m happy to have won that round! This is all I had left over after binding off. So every bit of this beautiful yarn’s transitions are included. […]