Apple isn’t ready for its own “revolution”

As I blogged last weekend, I now have an iPad. I also mentioned my plan to use the iPad instead of a desktop computer for pretty much everything that isn’t work-related (and a few things that are).

One week later, I still haven’t touched my MacBook. I want to hand it down to my daughter for whatever life it has left. I just want to be sure I can let it go. It hasn’t been easy. The company who is making it most difficult for me to break the connection with a desktop computer? Apple. Post-PC revolution? Not quite.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the iPad. I still love my iPhone. No regret. No longing to go back to Android. ::shudder:: But there’s always room for improvement.

So far I’ve experienced iPad-only #fail on:

Managing photos. When you connect an iOS device to a PC photo library, you are given the option to delete photos from camera roll after the photos have been transferred. Then you can sync the photos back to the device nicely organized with a fresh slate in the camera roll. Organizing the camera roll without a computer is a mess. You can use 3rd party utilities to copy a photo to an album. There’s nothing I’ve found to move a photo to an album and delete it from the camera roll. Why does this matter so much? Apple insists on adding new photos to the end of the roll, with no way to change the sort order. So the more photos on the roll, the more scrolling it takes to get to the latest photo when you select the roll from another app. Annoying. I’d love to hear if anyone has other ideas.

iTunes gifts. I have 2 kids with their own iTunes accounts. Neither has a credit card associated with their account. They both get a weekly allowance. When they want to buy an app, music or video they tell me and I will buy an iTunes gift certificate and email them the code, then take the money from their “account.” There is no way I can find to purchase an emailable gift certificate without desktop iTunes. I can go the Apple Store app or site and buy a gift card in a set amount. Not what I want. From desktop iTunes I can also gift a specific movie or music. Great way to spend exactly what I need for them, no more no less. Not possible from an iPad

Sharing iCloud Calendars. since we all have iCloud accounts now, we also have a shared family calendar. My older daughter was the last in the family to activate her iCloud account, so I wanted to now add her to the calendar the rest of us share. No way whatsoever I can find to add/edit iCloud calendar sharing from an iOS device. Can only be done from on a desktop computer or through iCal on a computer. Seriously?

If Apple wants a “post PC revolution” shouldn’t they start in their own back yard?


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  1. I am really interested in the measuring board you use to measure your knitting. I saw it on ravelry when you test knitted a sweater for Gnagy. Could you give me some info on that board. Thank you so much

  2. Judi, don’t leave us hanging! I can’t be the only one who has come in search of analysis of Blackbaud’s decision to kill off Common Ground. By way of an update, we’re only three days into our newly upgraded instance of Luminate CRM! Brian

    • Hi Brian, I’m so sorry…but right now I can’t post anything. I can tell you that the decision to sunset Common Ground does not affect Luminate CRM.