First month on the new job

Back in September, as I posted that I was leaving Fight Colorectal Cancer to join Convio, I had a picture in my head of what my new job would be like. I’m happy to say that the reality is turning out to be better than I was imagining back then. I love my job. I love the people I’m working with now just as much as I did before. I don’t love sitting on a Windows PC all day, but I’m getting used to it. Outlook 2007 isn’t that bad.

First, let’s move the elephant aside. The people directly responsible for hiring me had no idea when they hired me. Everyone except for the folks at the very top found out on the same day, which was 2 weeks after I started. I have no idea what it means or how it will shake out. I can’t talk about it. I’ll delete any comment that even mentions it (reread the sentence that begins with “I can’t talk…”). From now until I’m told otherwise, it’s business as usual so moving on…

I was originally hired last year for the role/title of Senior Implementation Specialist on the Common Ground Programs team. After spending time with my Manager and flushing it all out, we agreed that the title didn’t quite fit. “Implementation” implies that I’ll only be working with Common Ground clients when they’re first getting started, and that couldn’t be further from reality.

Most clients don’t approach Common Ground the way I did at Fight Colorectal Cancer: knowing Salesforce and its ecosystem first. Most clients buy Common Ground as a stand-alone product that just happens to run on the Salesforce platform. It’s like getting this big, new house with all these empty rooms. Convio has put all its attention into the kitchen and bathrooms and added a heavily customized bedroom or two on to the garage. Folks can live quite comfortably that way. But look at all they’re missing out if they never touch the den, living room or the extra bedrooms on the 2nd floor? If they know nothing about the ground their house is built on? That’s where I come in. I look for the pain points (and opportunities) that clients are having on the Salesforce platform and help alleviate them. Not consulting, although I do handle a few support tickets and am working on some projects with clients directly, but systemically so it benefits the most clients at one time. It’s a bit of training, a bit of documentation, a bit of reworking processes, a bit of liaison and bridge-building internally and externally.

I still get to play a role in the larger Salesforce/nonprofit community. The big difference is that instead of bringing knowledge and connection back to one organization, I’m bringing it back to all organizations on Common Ground.

My title now? Senior Client Success Specialist, Common Ground. Much better.


6 responses to “First month on the new job”

  1. Congrats, again, Judi! They’re lucky to have you and sounds like you feel the very same way. I’m staying posted to see how this whole transition plays out and I wish you and your new employer nothing by #AWESOME results. Sounds as if they’re uber-willing to adjust inorder to best play to their talents’ strengths – a sign of a strong organization, indeed!

  2. Judi,

    Every time I have switched jobs/companies, it always took about 6 months before I really felt like i “got” it. By that time, I felt I really had a handle on the job, my role, the other players,etc. I finally knew who or where to turn to for good information/assistance and what/who might not be as reliable. No matter how hard I tried, things really did not get to that zone much earlier than 6 months. And we are talking about over a career of many jobs in multiple industries, geographic locations, and roles spanning over 30 years. I am glad it sounds like it is working out. Every job has its idiosyncrasies, don’t they?

    This job sound like a very interesting one – very much like a consulting/Super Admin. And the title fits. I am glad they recognized the need for the role and wish you the best of luck. Its sounds like a company with an interesting vision. I looked through the website.

  3. Judi
    Really looking forward to having greater access to your great solution pathways and all this type of “show me how” documentation to tap into power of SF in combination with CG! Can I make a wish list now???