We’re all together now

When I first dropped my self-hosted blog and relocated it to Posterous last year after a bit of a hacking incident, I had trouble importing the old content. So as a quick fix I dropped it here, on WordPress.com, so as not to lose everything going back to 2003.

I’ve decided to bring everything together again by continuing my website going forward on WordPress.com. Nearly 2,000 entries all under the same roof again. Feels good.

I really liked Posterous and still do. I want just a bit more flexibility than it allowed. It was easy enough to bring the last couple of years of Posterous posts over.

judisohn.com and momathome.com should land here, with JudiSohn.com still the primary domain. That’s the beauty of having your own name on the ‘net folks…you decide what to make of it as your needs dictate…and you can change your mind.

Since Posterous didn’t allow permalinks with as many characters as WordPress.com does, I’ve manually updated the links on recent posts that I know are linked elsewhere and would have broken. I’m sure I missed a few here and there. I can live with that.

For those playing at home I now have content here originally from Blogger (the first post or two in early 2003), MovableType (2003-2006), WordPress self-hosted (2006-2009), Posterous (2009-2011) and now WordPress.com. With all that, you can forgive a broken image or bad link here and there on old stuff, right?

Those of you subscribed via my old Feedburner RSS feed shouldn’t have to change anything. I’ve updated that too.

Thanks for sticking with me, I hope it’s still worth your while. 🙂