Guest post on NTEN website: An Ode to the Accidental Techie

Personally, I love the term “accidental techie.” 

Maybe I’m lucky that no one ever made me feel less than adequate when they found out my dirty little secret…that I didn’t set out my career to be focused around technology. ::gasp:: 

I’m not even a Salesforce Certified Administrator (yet) ::double gasp::

I was thrilled and honored when the folks at NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network) asked me to contribute a guest blog about what it’s really like to be an accidental techie. 

With that broad guideline, I came up with this:

Coincidentally, I wrote the article the day before my father’s Yahrzeit (the anniversary of his death on the Jewish calendar). He was on my shoulder a lot that week. Guess it’s clear why.