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 At the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference I attended a group discussion breakfast about personal vs. professional branding. Kara Carrell (aka @Karitas) pointed out that she has a “How I Roll” post that she links to and updates as her on and offline world evolves. I loved that idea. So much so that I’m stealing, I mean borrowing it. The title of this post is “Everything” because it will make a good catch-all URL. Sorry if you were expecting something else.


One response to “Everything”

  1. Nice post, I find it difficult to decide where the line between personal and professional branding lies. To me, it’s “The whole package”, I only have 1 Twitter account, and one Facebook account. I don’t have any Facebook groups, I allow everyone to see all of my posts. I think that the personal vs. professional walls will continue to erode as business continues to get more social and relationship driven in the future. The true delineation will be Private vs. Public. If you want everyone to know, post it. If you don’t want everyone to know, don’t post it and keep it to yourself. If there are no personal and professional selves, just yourself, I think it will also give everyone cause to be excellent in everything they do, both personal and professional. I.E. I can’t go and post trashy tweets like a slob on another account to offload. If I have something worth saying, than it’s worth saying to everybody.:)Garry