A move to Posterous in 2010?

My efforts to revitalize my blog were hit & miss in 2009. It has been 7 years since I started blogging. 7 years. Wow.

My blog has always been my playground. I can change the hair color and give it a tattoo, make it walk backwards for a while and it is whatever I decide it is. Nothing has stayed the same in 7 years. Blogging is no exception. It evolves and grows up, just like I have.

No matter how hard I tried to make it easier, blogging is still a chore. When all is said and done, the last place I seem to share content that interests me is here. I’m not alone…it seems many formerly active bloggers are now sharing most of their content everywhere but a traditional blog.

Part of the reason I don’t post to judisohn.com as much anymore is in my frustration with this site. It’s slow. Way too Slow.

Google agrees:


I think I need to move to a new server, and I don’t have the time or energy to focus on the change. And now I’m not sure I should bother. My email has been hosted by Google for years. The domain is mine regardless. But do I have to pay a hosting company hundreds of dollars a year to have a place to call my own with my name on it? Not anymore.

I keep thinking back to Steve Rubel’s adios to blogging last year. I’m not sure I’m ready to call what I’m leaning towards “lifestreaming” as he does, but I think I now get where he was coming from and why he did it.

I used to be really concerned with ownership. I’m not so much anymore. Ownership is a pain in the butt. Maybe I want to rent for a while.

I’m going to experiment with Posterous. It’s easy to get content in. Easy to share out.

My posterous has its own RSS feed so feel free to subscribe if you want to keep up with me. For now, I’m going to leave the feeds separate although if this works out, I’ll redirect my established Feedburner feed there. I’ll figure out how to archive this blog in such a way that I no longer have to pay a monthly fee for it but the history will remain. That’s a bigger challenge that I don’t want to worry about at the moment. I’m taking it day by day. For now, if you want to follow me I suggest you subscribe to the Posterous feed as that will be more actively updated.

I’ll still post about Salesforce and Convio and knitting and everything else. Cool software I’m trying. Things I’m buying and probably shouldn’t. But I want it to feel more natural. Like when I see a link I like and I post it to Facebook with a couple of sentences. That feels comfortable to me. Blogging in the traditional sense isn’t coming naturally to me anymore.

Here’s to change in 2010.


3 responses to “A move to Posterous in 2010?”

  1. Ok that was WAY to easy . . . 5 mins and I’m up and running on Posterous! Thanks Judi for bringing me this news — exactly what I’ve been looking for as I hung back from launching blog on blogger or wordpress.

  2. You’re welcome, Victoria! There’s still so much I want to explore here, but there isn’t much that can’t be done. And it really is that easy. Which probably means some huge company I hate will buy them soon. 😉