Wish List: Collaborative editing in WordPress

A lot of folks don’t realize that WordPress has the ability to save posts as “Pending Review.” This doesn’t mean much on a single-author personal blog, but it’s really handy on a group blog like WebWorkerDaily (VIP hosted at WordPress.com). When a writer saves a post with the “Pending Review” status, that tells me that they’re done with it and I can see at a glance the queue of posts that I have to work with.

Unfortunately, that’s all it does. I’m ready for the Automattic folks to take the next step. How about letting the editor or writer leave a comment in the post editing window? Right now, I have to go back to email to ask a writer a question or explain why a post isn’t being published. How about an option to notify the writer via email when their post has been scheduled or posted? An option to notify the editor that a post is in Pending Review?

If anything, WordPress 2.7 has taken a step back for multi-author blogs. In previous versions, the dashboard showed Administrators how many posts were pending review with a handy link right to those posts. Now, that information is buried on the Edit page requiring an extra click.


One response to “Wish List: Collaborative editing in WordPress”

  1. I'm looking for the same functionality. Editors ought to be be able to suggest tweaks or additional content to authors at the time of review. Hopefully, someone can come up with a plugin for this.