All your newsfeed belongs to us

“Us” being the enterprising folks at [Newsgator]( They just announced that they bought [NetNewsWire](

For me, personally, this is good news. I’ve made [no secret]( about how I feel about the Newsgator online interface, so if I can check the *same* feeds from NetNewsWire as I do from FeedDemon on the PC, I’m a happy camper.

But… Mac users have very high standards. I say this with love of both platforms…PC users put up with more crap in their software than Mac users do. Nick Bradbury, the developer of FeedDemon, puts more love and attention into his FeedDemon application than most PC developers do which is why his software is so favored. It’s seen as the exception, not the rule. On the Mac side, that kind of attention to detail is the rule. You’re competing in a crowded field for a smaller market, you have to be *that* good to survive.

If you look at the [Newsgator support forum for FeedDemon]( there were a lot of problems at first due to the syncing with the Newsgator server. It’s still not entirely reliable, but getting better. It’s going to be quite the challenge for Brent Simmons, the developer of NetNewsWire, to test the initial versions of the new NetNewsWire and separate problems with the software from problems with the sync. If I can’t get to a site or it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, is it a problem with my software? Is it a problem with the feed? Is it a problem with Newsgator? Often it’s hard to tell.

With all these folks relying on *one* company to get their feeds, it certainly puts the pressure on Newsgator to make sure they stay up to the task. I would love to see FeedDemon and NetNewsWire introduce a “fallback” mode. You subscribe via Newsgator but you also enter the feed’s actual address. If for any reason you can’t get the feed via Newsgator, the software would automatically go and fetch the actual feed. I think that would help folks rest a little easier with the centralized server concept.

As usual, [Drunkenblog covers the story]( in far greater detail than anyone else would dream of.


2 responses to “All your newsfeed belongs to us”

  1. “Fallback” is an interesting suggestion. But I wonder how that would work with read state and synching?

    And for what it’s worth, you should _always_ be able to reach the NewsGator server. 🙂

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