Seize the Future by the Throat!: My Parent’s Doctor

From Paul Young’s blog:

…today, the family doctor needs to have the ability to “fix” everyday problems, but even more importantly, to know when it is in everyone’s interest to engage a specialist for the good of the patient.

In the care of people, the family doctor is a highly skilled diagnostician, excellent basic caregiver, and able to coordinate treatment in the same way a conductor leads the orchestra. That’s the role for the person who was once a generalist in regards CRM systems.

If you’re a specialist, I salute you and your dedication to your craft. If you’re like me however, don’t be ashamed. Just like a hospital full of surgeons, oncologists, and ophthalmologists isn’t the optimal mix for life long health care for people, integration specialists and coders need people like us who can see the big picture. Hold your head high and go read the new release notes so you can keep everyone on the same page!

Great post. Even though I’m not a Salesforce consultant and only serve as an administrator for one organization, I can so relate to this.