When did our Senate move to Asia?

I just got this email to C3’s general inbox:


I´m the webmaster of senate.gov
We are moving our website and want to request a change of your outgoing
link (http://www.fightcolorectalcancer.org/) to our new website,
you would help us very much to make the change sucsesfull. Our new
webadress is http://govsenate.com/
Kind Regards Webmaster of senate.gov

What’s this “new” site? It’s just the real senate.gov site in an iframe (loaded on a Mac after logging out of Facebook and Twitter, of course):


More fun to take a look at the who.is – Registered by a Turkish registrar and name server in Hong Kong.

I guess the idea is to get unsuspecting organizations to actually make the change, and then switch for spam/ad site? Or hidden malware?

Who falls for this stuff?