Keeping life straight and starting over yet again

It’s April, and despite my best intentions, I’ve only managed 5 blog posts here on during February and March and about the same on WebWorkerDaily. ::sigh:: My New Year’s resolution to get my blogging voice back isn’t going so well, is it?

I have some good excuses:

  • C3 keeps me busy. March is our crazy month, and this year was no exception. Call-on Congress was hugely successful this year, and we’re just doing more (but still with less).
  • Eric spent 2 weeks in March on an assignment in South Africa. With everything else and a puppy that still wants lots of attention, I about lost my mind.
  • Laini’s Bat Mitzvah is next month. Along with all the usual preparations any parent of a 13 year-old goes through, we are also dealing with a Bat Mitzvah child with Autism going to a school where her classmates (and party guests) all have similar issues. Adds some interesting twists as we plan the most sensory-friendly party you can imagine. I should be blogging about that for the benefit of other parents facing similar challenges.
  • Laini had been walking funny for a while now. Finally asked her orthopedist to look into it. Keep in mind she has been in a scoliosis brace for nearly 2 years. Turns out that she has all sorts of issues with her feet and balance. She’s wearing orthotics in both shoes and getting physical therapy 2x a week. Yet another thing to work in to an already packed schedule.
  • We’ve been dealing with some issues with Emily. Let’s just say that a family can’t go through what we did last year without some battle scars, and leave it at that. As a family, we’re on the right track now.
  • I’d rather knit. Okay, not a good excuse, but it’s true.

This morning, I officially went on hiatus with WebWorkerDaily. I had all the best intentions to continue blogging there as a writer after I stopped editing the site, but pick your excuse above as to why that didn’t happen. Everyone at GigaOm has been wonderfully supportive and understanding, especially Om Malik who really is as nice as everyone thinks he is. I haven’t quit, I’m just taking a break until I can do it because it’s fun again. For now, I need to blog about what I want to blog about when I want to blog about it, and not worry about it being a “job” to do it.

Truth be told, what they’re talking about in the tech blogosphere these days bores me silly. I really don’t care that much which mega-company is buying which startup, as long as Google doesn’t buy a service I care about and keep it on the shelf again for 2 years.

I want to write about nonprofit technology, and what it’s like to be a guppy in a big, dirty pond. I want to write about High Functioning Autism, and what it’s like to try and raise a teenager who is still 8 years old in every way but her birthday. I want to write about what I discover in technology simply because I think it’s cool, and I want to have the time and focus to tell you why.

Is this another false start? Maybe. I hope not.


4 responses to “Keeping life straight and starting over yet again”

  1. Judi,

    Your participation at WWD will be missed, but family has to come first.


  2. Just wanted you to know that I hope you’ll be blogging again soon. Maybe it’ll be very soon, maybe it’ll be a few more weeks or months, that’s fine. Or maybe you’ll find that there simply isn’t time. I want you to know that that’s ok too. I think eventually you’ll be blogging again in some way, it just might not be as often as those who read you would like and that’s our issue not yours. 🙂

    I was always amazed at how consistently you did blog with how busy you are!

    Family first.

  3. Thanks, Rick. I’m still around…it’s just that the blog is now competing with Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be back, I promise.