Miss you, Daddy


Shelly Weiler
July 7, 1941 – February 10, 1999

He would have loved living in 2009.

DVRs, broadband, iPhones, GPS, 3G, HDTV. All barely ideas when he died 10 years ago today. He’d love them all. And he would have had a great blog.

If you knew my Dad, and you’re thinking about him today as much as I am, please help me fight colorectal cancer in his name.


5 responses to “Miss you, Daddy”

  1. i know how it was for you and mom yesterday i miss him a lot and am always thinking of him i love you

    uncle marty

  2. It is just a mere blink as your Mom says – Bob will be gone 6 years this May. I cannot believe how fast it went. Annie doesnt say much – thats just how she handles things but David is quite open about “Daddy would have said this or that” – things like that. Every once in awhile when I go to the cemetery I stop by at your Dad’s! Just to say hello. I’m so glad I will be seeing you very soon. Love, Martha.

  3. Hi Cousin Judy,

    We all miss Shelly. We will light a candle on his Hebrew Yartzeit but we think of him a lot. He would have loved to see Lanie Bat Mitzvah, but I know he will be with you in spirit.

    Love, Aunt Susan & Uncle Philip

  4. Hi Judi You seem to be a maven so here goes. Just happened on your site because I’m trying to trace the progression of older versions of Quicken. Don’t faint, I still use quicken 5 on a 96 Mac (just as a check register really ). The stuff is also on floppy discs, but my Mac G5 cannot read them since the apps are so old. Eventually I’d like to start afresh on my PC, but how can I refer to the old material on the floppies? I got a PC in 99 before the gmacs came out, and when I returned to a gmac in 05 was very disappointed, and am now more proficient on a PC at this point. Any ideas?? I miss my dad too! Thanks,Eunice

  5. Hi Mrs. Shon! My name is Kayla. I am in your daughter Emily’s 5th grade class. A couple years ago my Uncle had cancer. None of us thought he would make it. Luckily though, he did. It was hard watching him in all that pain for so long. I’m sorry for your father’s loss. I kind of know what it feels like to live without a father. My dad is in the airforce and he has to go on trips a lot. The good part is that some of the trips we get to go with him like when we went to Hawwaii and Alaska. Right now he is in the desert. He left the las week of April and we dont know when he is comming back. What we do know is that he will be comming back on June 3,4,or 5. I remember when I was in kindigarten and I still wasn’t used to being away froem him. He left for a month and one night I started crying to my mom…”It’s not the same without daddy! I miss him to much. I want hime to come back!” I still feel like that today but I know everything is alright.