WordPress 2.7

Once again, I waited a while before leaping into the upgrade. This was the day for it. I upgraded C3’s site to WordPress 2.7 this morning. The C3 upgrade didn’t quite go as smoothly as hoped. Turns out that there was something in one of the files in our custom theme that the upgrade didn’t like. Erik and I eventually got the kinks out.

Thankfully, upgrading this site went smoothly and was done in under 5 minutes. I was waiting to be sure my theme was compatible, which it now is.

Truth be told, I was dragging my heels on upgrading based on my experience with WebWorkerDaily which runs on WordPress.com and has been on 2.7 for a while now. As a blogger, there’s a lot to like about 2.7. As an editor, not so much. For starters, the “at a glance” view in WordPress 2.6.x used to tell me how many posts I had pending my review. WordPress 2.7’s dashboard no longer shows that info, so I have extra clicks to see if there are posts I need to read/schedule.

I’d also like to find a plug-in or Greasemonkey script which makes the font in the WYSIWYG editing window a little larger. On a large monitor, this window gets wide and very difficult to read with the smaller type size.