Upcoming speaking gigs

I’ve done presentations on different tech topics at various meetings, but I’ve never presented on a panel at a conference before.

That’s about to change.

It’s just like me to start small. My first session as a speaker will be at Dreamforce in San Francisco next month.


My session is “So Many Apps, So Little Time” on Wednesday, November 5 at 10:15 am. On the panel with me is Salesforce.com’s Bryan Breckenridge and Vinood Ponnusamy of Unitus. We’re going to be talking about how nonprofits can get the most out of the Salesforce shopping mall otherwise known as the appExchange. I’m going to highlight our use of the CRMFusion apps (including the new DupeBlocker, which is fantastic), the Convio connector and CongaMerge.

Two weeks later (11/17-11/19), I’ll be doing a session at the Convio Summit in Austin, Texas. The session is “How to Find Your Social Media Fit.”

I’m most excited about this panel because of the company I’ll be with at the front of the room. It will be Michael Johnston of HJC and Holly Ross of NTEN. Yes, the Holly Ross. I am such a fan of hers. No pressure for me, right? Topic-wise, I’ll be talking about our Cover Your Butt campaign as a case study of how to take a really tough, dry topic that no one considers “polite” dinner conversation and get people talking about it and taking action…with no budget.

Unfortunately, this means I have no chance of attending next year’s NTC in San Francisco. My conference travel budget for FY08/09 will be blown by Thanksgiving.

If you’re planning to be at either conference, let me know.


3 responses to “Upcoming speaking gigs”

  1. Mutual admiration society! I’m a total fan of you, woman! how do you do everything you do each day? And take so much time to share with the rest of us? Can’t wait to see you in Austin, and we’ll get you the NTC 🙂