Let me count the ways that Verizon sucks…if I can count that high

Right now, I don’t care when FIOS is coming. They couldn’t pay me to add another Verizon service. Life is too short.

So to recap…we moved on August 27th. That is the day the 2 phone numbers we had in our home were supposed to be switched to our new address.

  • On August 27th, tech spends 5 hours in my home and can’t get a single thing working. She does manage to install the one extra jack we asked for. But no service.
  • August 30th, second tech visit. This time he manages to get the main number working but still can’t do a thing for the 2nd line. Shortly after he leaves I realize that the 1st technician misconfigured 2 of the existing jacks (couldn’t test tech #1 without working phone lines).
  • Realizing the nightmare that was unfolding, I canceled my order for Verizon DSL and switched to Comcast. So glad I did.
  • September 2nd, third tech visit. Still can’t find the 2nd line, but he fixes the mistake I noticed from the first visit.
  • September 3rd, 4th tech visit. This guy is some sort of specialist and he fixes the 2nd line. Turns out it was mis-labeled in the box on the street.
  • Somewhere in the above I realize that calls to our old phone numbers were not forwarding to the new ones. Another call to fix.
  • I configured the voicemail service on September 2nd, but didn’t bother to test it. My mistake. This morning, it dawned on me that we haven’t received any messages since we moved in. I call the home phone from my cell. It rings 5 times and then goes to a busy signal. Another frustrating phone call to Verizon to find out that the only solution is for him to completely remove voicemail from my account and then it can be added again later today/tomorrow. Something broke when it was added the first time. Won’t be active until at least Friday (9/12) and if not, I’ll have to call repair according to the guy I just spoke to. Just turned on the native answering system on the phone I have here, which is what I should have done instead of expecting Verizon to handle one thing properly.
  • My mom tells me that the Caller ID shows someone else’s name on her phone. It’s correct when I try from here, but it shows the wrong name when I call outside the local area. Presumably it’s the person who had this phone number before me. Verizon’s explanation? Well, it may take up until 6 months until Caller ID shows the correct name for everyone. “If after a few weeks it bothers you that much, you can just change your number. You just moved so you’re not too attached to that number yet, right?” Yes, that is a direct quote of what I was just told. No, it doesn’t bother me at all that I call friends and family and a total stranger’s name appears on their caller ID. No, I don’t want to block my name/number because it then makes it more difficult to get through to people. I just want my last name to appear on the caller ID. Apparently too much to ask. Unreal.

I have placed no less than 10 calls to Verizon over the last 2 weeks. In at least half of those calls someone tries to upsell me to DSL or some other deal. Not even if you beg as if your life depended on it. I have written down names. I have spoken to supervisors. No one cares. They know as well as I do that if I want landline phone service, I’m going to excuse every mistake, accept every inconvenience and pay my bill each month for the honor.

Eric and I both have Phone Fusion accounts and I still have my Grand Central number. Those are the numbers we give out, so it could be worse.


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  1. I’ve read how companies are watching various blogs in addition to their own and if they notice bad ‘reviews’ about their company or service they are in some cases, contacting the person and trying to solve their problem to alleviate the potential bad press a bad review can create.

    If you haven’t I’d suggest finding the best verizon sucks site and posting your ‘experience’ there.

  2. Hi Judi –

    I appreciate you sharing your Verizon experience with us. I don’t know what state you moved to but, I work with a law firm that’s investigating Verizon Wireless’ practice of charging California consumers a flat $5 late fee and whether the practice violates California’s consumer rights laws.

    Customers are charged a late fee if they don’t pay bills on time but according to California state law there may be some issues with charging a fixed late fee as a penalty. There may also be issues with charging all customers the same flat fee, regardless of the cost of monthly plans.

    As part of the investigation, Hagens Berman wants to hear from any Verizon customer living in California who’s paid at least one late fee in the past four years.

    You can contact the firm at info@hbsslaw.com or (206) 623-7292. More information on the investigation is on the firm’s Web site, http://www.hbsslaw.com.

  3. I just moved to Richmond, VA, and I have had and I am still having a hard time trying to get verizon to correct my account information. I have called several times to try and have them correct this, including mispelling my first name and it seems to be too much to ask. The company also continues to charge me for long distance, a service I do not and have never had. Customer service has been unhelpful even after speaking to a supervisor. They even tried to make me accept the charges by being verbally forceful. It is good to know there is a way for customers to fight back. I leave in an apartment complex where verizon is the only option for high speed that I am aware of, I am looking for an alternative, and will definitely let my neighbors know.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I hate Verizon too, with a passion! They are the worst company. I cannot even understand how they can still be in business. Sometimes, it seems to me impossible that a company can hire so many incompetent and uncaring people, which gets me thinking that they are doing things to me on purpose.

    I own a restaurant and was using Verizon for my landline phone service and print advertising. Almost everything Verizon did was wrong. The information they printed on the billing was wrong. The bill amounts were wrong. When they collected my checks, they put the funds in the wrong account, then sent an automated message to the restaurant at a random hour/date to inform us they would be cancelling our service. Needless to say, nobody had a clue until it was too late.

    After about 6 months of calling, writing and threatening, explaining my situation over and over and over again to different people who claimed to be doing something about it but never really did anything, they FINALLY fixed my billing issues.

    Eventually I switched to Brighthouse out of shear frustration. Verizon, being the vidictive company they are, cut my phone service a day early costing my business hundreds of dollars. Now they harass me for an early termination fee, and on top of that, are giving 411 customers the wrong phone number when they ask for my restaurant. When I called for them to correct this, they basically told me they didn’t care because I wasn’t a customer anymore.

    Yes, Verizon sucks.

  5. I hate verizon. hate. hate. hate.

    I have already emailed my congressmen about hidden fees and the serious lack of free enterprise.

    the minute anyone has a service I currently get through verizon cheaper and better quality (both would not be hard to do) I am so there.

    did I mention I HATE HATE HATE Verizon. . .money for nothing. too much money for nothing.

    and if I never go via phone to another non english speaking country it will be about 20 times too many already!

    why can I not get reception in my own home for my cell. . .

    why can I bearly get 350 most of the time on my dsl that I am paying for 750. (Paid for 1500 for a whole year only to discover I an never get that speed in my home because of where I am. . but they took the money. . you betcha!)

    ..can I send them half of what I owe them and they can ‘hope’ the payments get better or maybe they can turn off their modem. . and unplug everything wait 5 minutes and KMB!

    oh btw VERIZON SUCKS!

  6. (FYI) Verizon is the most incompetent, unprofessional, unethical, and most of all dishonest companies in the communication industry today! I pity anyone that has his or her service with them. I am reluctant to say too much but I will say I have been on the inside of verizion and I know their methods of deception to screw the public!! They do steal from “you” on a monthly bases take my word for it!!! Be very careful what you are paying every month because you just might be lining the pockets of the executives of verizion. I really cant believe there is no one that will regulate or protect the public from companies like verizion because if have notified government inanities about this issue and nothing has came about. Verizon will charge you what ever they want with no questions and no restrictions. With their deceitfulness, fraudulent activities it is just a matter of time before they become insolvent or bankrupt even a giant company like verizon will fall with this kind of tactics to business. They will reap what they have sowed!! I will be thankful for the day that I can see them fall, please pass this along.

  7. Verizon: avoid it like the plague. First of all, their phones suck. Pretty much any other company has more attractive phones and better service. But they charged me twice for my last bill and now they refuse to put the money back into my bank account. Instead, they want to give me credit for my next bill. I want my money in my bank account earning me intererest, as small as it might be, not in verizon's. It was their mistake (fraud!) Once my contract expires in March, I'm looking for a new company.

  8. I hope verizon crumbles. They take your money and give you shite! If you are considering giving verizon "a shot"….forget it. It is not worth it.
    Believe me…it is not worth it. Do not waste your money or time…
    Ahhh…I remember the good days when I could use the phone, internet, or watch T.V. and not worry if it would work every time. Now, I dread if there is a problem. Spending 2+ hours on the phone with these shysters – any time there is a problem that a 4 year old could have avoided – is not worth $200.00+/ month.
    Down with verizon!

    • I agree.. when i turn on my tv..the internet goes off…if Im on a pogo game.. the internet goes off…so I play robots so I dont spoil a game with other pogo gamers..I have to pray and hold my breath when doing something important on line things..like school work or pay bills..pray that in the middle that the internet doesnt go off and lose everything for me. Yes verizon needs to step it up a notch…they do indeed suck.

  9. Yuck, we had Verizon Landline and DSL. Both sucked. Support was the worst. If they wanted a tech to come to my house I'd say "Don't bother" – because the times I did schedule for a tech, they never came.

    I'd suggest moving to VoIP.

    I can get you the hookups if you want, just email me jonhebb[at]hebbnetworks.com
    -You can keep the number you have with Verizon when you switch.
    -Service is up to 60% cheaper.

  10. I can't stand the fact that I have to subscribe to Verizon's overpriced internet service if I want a smart phone. I just want the phone and I want it wi-fi capable.

  11. I also hate Verizon. Not only their DSL service, but the wireless as well. I had an LG chocolate phone for a little over a year before it broke.
    I went in to get a new phone, and paid 50 dollars to get one that would break 2 weeks later. I went in again to get a new phone, it broke in about a week. I have to go in and get another new one tomorrow.
    Their DSL service scks as well, mine works about 50% of the time on a good day. The other half it just won't connect to the internet. I have called customer support many times for over 2 hours, and eventually they just hang up on me because they dont know what is wrong with it.
    I usually end up calling again right after just to cuss them out

  12. I live in Westchester, NY. Have my DSL with small local company (BESTWEB in Croton-on-Hudson) and extremely happy with their service for past 10 years. Have Cablevision TV (Basic Service, $20/month) and Verizon for landline. Am trying hard to get rid of Verizon landline but seems they have monopoly. After 45 minutes on phone w/Verizon yesterday, and said I was *considering* leaving Bestweb, was told to cancel with Bestweb and in ten days would get Verizon's box to hook up DSL. Huh? I'd be without internet for 10 days? "Yes", I'm told, "That's the way it is. Can't give you DSL service until you cancel with your current service. AFTER you cancel, and contact us, we'll send you the box". I've yet to phone Verizon and not wait less than 20 minutes to talk to a real person. My guess is that on their employment application there's a question "Are you stupid?" If you answer yes, you're hired!

  13. I have written letters to verizon and they got mad and told me they would track me down and kill me if I wrote to supreme court about alltels digital contract that verizon claims they own but don’t so I will mail the death threat letter to them too.

  14. All I need to do is cancel one phone line (I have two). One is for phone service and one is for the computer dialup. I went with ATT aircard and don’t need the extra phone line. I am still waiting for the clod hoppers at Verizon to answer the phone. They do not seem to understand that ATT has wireless phone service etc. I hope they go broke the idiots. One finally came on the line and tried to sell me some crap. I told them that ATT has phones and if they do not hurry up and cancel that line I am going to cancel all their service.

  15. Wait’ll you hear this.

    I am fully disabled and my wife is ill and struggling to work, so we take CS and our budget very seriously.

    We already had Verizon phone and dsl and were waiting for FIOS, considering to try it.

    I called several times, as an existing customer to try and get FIOS without having to pay for a box for our basement set, there mainly for when the kids need something else from time to time.

    They told me I could not get the box without paying for it.

    Out of frustration, we go with Dish network on a one year contract.

    Are you ready for this crap?

    Two days post install of the dish, a guy comes to the door and tells me that he would not only give us the second box free, but a totally free dvr we would never have to pay for.

    When I asked why the service people did not treat me that way, he said that because of his special promotional staus door to door, he was only authorized…yada yada yada.

    When I explained that we had already gotten dish network, he gave me that ole’ SH– eating grin that says you are SOL and walked away.

    Oh…sorry you on-time-bill paying trusted consumer, you are kicked to the curb!

  16. i’m disabled and verizon has been screwing me over since 11/04/09.Election day how weird is that?Since november my bills and services has a 100% disgrace,i don’t know what to do they treat me like crap and get away with it.I’ll go back to comcast as soon as possible.So far it’s cost me like $600.00 for nothing but headaches.Can anyone help me??????????????

  17. I was also supposed to get money from rust settlement in minn. From 2004-2005 when verizon overchardged me and thousands of others.You guessed it,never got a penny.PUT THEM ALL IN JAIL WITH ALL REST OF THE CORRUPT SCUMBAGS THAT RUN THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!

  18. I work at Verizon and they do suck. They don’t care anything about the customers or the employees. All they care about is that the install was done fast and that the install tech made his job quota for the day. Customers are known as widgets. The local managers are all alcoholics because the second level manager cares even less than they do. Jobs per day quota is all that matters. Quality does not at all. Soon customers will realize this and leave. Please don’t get Verizon service for you will be sorry.

  19. Let me start out by saying two things: the network is in decay where I live and Verizon has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. I dropped their DSL after 6 months and went back to Comcast after a 2 week outage in which I dealt with the

    Let me add that Comcast is a rapacious, arrogant company with mediocre technology but at least you can get a human being on the phone and you don’t have to argue to get a technician sent out.

    Verizon Indian help desk who close your tickets and keep insisting your service works. I finally got them to admit there was a problem but by the time they fixed it, my neighbors and I all switched.

    I have lost phone service 8-9 times over the last 8 months. They don’t like to send techs out and they don’t like to replace their infrasctucture. As much as I detest VoIP, I will be switching over to Comcast for that soon, as well.

    And BTW I used to want FiOS. Right now, I wouldn’t care if they offered it because I am so sick of dealing with Verizon’s horrible customer service. The amount of time I have wasted calling Verizon makes any price for their service a bad deal. Ivan Seidenberg should resign.

  20. Yep…I’m going through a bunch of crap the last few months too. THey keep taking money out of my bank acct (which i am not a cust any longer) and overcharging me b/c they claim i didn’t pay last month’s. Umm yes i did b/c you took too much, and now you want me to the pay all that that wasn’t supposed to come out LAST month and then this month too (for which i DON”T HAVE UR SERVICE!!) And they keep telling me my balance is zero, but it’s not and that i’m not on auto pay….according to the acct online i am still on auto pay after repeatedly telling them to take me off!!! I am so pissed!

  21. Ditto, Verizon is just awful. Customer service is rude.

    Aug 2008: We signed up for personal service, as I had other services via work for some time. I was laid off and needed cell service. My wife worked for a company here in NC that got a discount on your personal service. Catch was that she had to sign-up too, not just me. Dumb. After spending 4 hours in the store, we still didn’t get signed up. For some reason the guy couldn’t get the discount to register. For some reason they needed her work email address to validate she worked there, we gave it to him, but they couldn’t confirm. We should her work ID, no good. They brought someone over to try and get it to work, no go. They finally said, well we’ll sign you up and get it resolved and credit you. Reluctantly I said OK. Meanwhile, they did give us the company discount on the phones themselves – go figure.

    Well, we used the service for a few weeks, in the meantime my wife was let go from her job (just a coincidence). We decided we couldn’t afford the service and went back to cancel the service just after Labor Day.

    I returned the phones (ALL original packing, including plastic bags), extra chargers, cases, etc. The head person (with no brain) took me and tap-tapped a while (30min or so), and finally cancelled the service. Just gave me receipts back, and said no problem you’re all set. No money owed, credited the phones, etc. I though “Wow, that is very cool”. Thanked them, went about my merry way.

    TWO months later, I get bill from Verizon saying we owed them $258.00 for the service we used. Huh?!?! I had asked if we owed anything at the time I did the transaction – no money owed. So what the heck is this crap?!? After very heated phone calls with Verizon “people-that-are-supposed-to-help-you”, they said well you have to go back to the store to resolve this. I talked to the store and they had no clue of what was said or done. They didn’t remember saying “no money owed” or anything. Talk about pissed.

    In an attempt to just make this go away, I agreed to pay the $35 admin fee, and a couple songs I downloaded. But not for the service, as they had a 30-day guarantee if you didn’t like the service or want it (I can’t understand how anyone would like their cell service!) One of the reasons we decided to TRY Verizon was the guarantee. They said I would have to speak to a district manager, but he wasn’t available and would have to call me back. Never got a call.

    Got a bill the other day from collection bureau. Nice huh? Called them and told them I’m not paying, do what you want.

    I can’t believe that this company is still around. I have dealt with them via Verizon Business and they are bad too.

    Just my rant…..thanks for listening.

  22. I had a very similar experience – no DSL for a month while they got their shit together. Fucking kill Verizon!

  23. Yeah… I personally hate Verizon and think they should die a slow and painful death. The only problem is, there really aren’t many better alternatives. At least around here. The only service comparable to Verizon in terms of low cost is AT&T, and they’re just as bad if not worse. Trust me, I know the horror stories of Verizon… I’ve lived through a couple of my own. If I had more disposable income, I’d go with Optimum Online which is what I used to have. It’s a far better deal for what you pay, especially with the triple play package. It’s just that right now, 100 bucks per month is not an option and 50 bucks a month for just internet is not worth it. I’ve installed Verizon DSL twice in the past 4 months… The first time it took about a month to finally get it done. They arbitrarily cancelled my order because there was a glitche and never bothered to tell me about it. Then they said that I was no longer eligible for the promotional rate because the deadline had passed, even though my initial order was placed a week before the promotion ended. They then said that I could get it, but when the bill arived it was the regular price, not the promotional price. On top of that, Verizon won’t let me combine my wireless account with my internet and dsl accounts, because apparently the me who owns my cellphone and the me that owns my dsl and land lines are not the same me… at least according to their record… even though we both have the same billing address and secial security number. LOL. This time I’m trying to instal Verizon DSL at a location that used to have it. It’s been about 3 weeks since I placed the order and now they’re telling me that it’ll be about 2 more weeks for it to be set-up. If I was rich, I’d go to all Verizon’s customers and pay them to switch to one of Verizon’s competitors. They need to go down hard, then maybe they’ll learn to at least pretend to respect their customers. Don’t even get me started on their so-called customer service system. While I have to admit that most of the people I’ve dealt with have at least attempted to sound like they give a shit. Verizon’s automated system is a piece of shit. It’s like they’re trying to make it as hard as humanly possible to speak to a live person. Then when you finally do get through to a live person in India somewhere… you find that they don’t have the authority to do much beyond the suff that I could do myself through their website.

    So yeah, VERIZON is probably the devil. They have a monopoly, they know it and they milk it for all it’s worth. Noone can compete with them, they’re just way too big, and with the economy the way it is, people are even more willing to accept Verizon’s crap, just so they can save a few bucks. People like me, who would use Cable, if they had packages that I could afford.

  24. people really? your like 20 customers out of millions, duh some people are bound to have a problem..not everyone does though. Get over it Verizon is one of the best companies out their. of course they cant make everyone happy and they hire people who don’t have a clue what they are doing, but they get who they can. PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING i am 100% sure you don’t do things the right way all of the time. you make mistakes too. DEAL. they are human just like you and me. So just be adults and grow up.

  25. Verizon does suck!

    I filed their required paperwork to cancel my acct because i moved out of their service area, but they keep billing me. The supervisor says when I paid the final bill it reactivated the account and they can’t do nothing about it, and can’t see the cancellation paperwork because it’s not their dept, and somehow by paying the final bill I “must have wanted to keep the service.” The cust serv supervisor’s name is “John” and he’s obviously been told to find any way to deny former customer’s their just due.

    Verizon is great as long as you’re paying the bill, but try and cancel, even file the proper paperwork! … and they become a fraud.

  26. I find it no coincidence that since Verizon has been wiring the neighborhood for Fios the older junction box handling 100s of lines is being left open exposing it to the elements .It’s either techs pushing for job security and overtime or sales reps pushing for sales .

    If a terrorist did that they would by tried for sabotage which is a federal offense .I’ll be sending time stamped pictures to the regulators including the Public Utility Commission and the FCC .

    Disgracefull .

  27. Verizon still sucks. Due to an employer discount, I reluctantly switched to VZ even after horrible past experiences. Well they still suck. The Black Berry storm is a bad joke. As usual, I spent hours on the phone with a “sales rep” who first had to call me back because he had to attend a sales meeting. I still, stupidly, ordered the Storm when he called me back. The fun part is trying to get it hooked up to my email. I couldn’t even get past the “I Agree Button” to install. Had to call “service rep” who told me that sometimes the storm was tempermental. Now I can get my email if I log on to the PC but not to the blackberry. VZ is the worst company I have ever worked with. They push out new products that haven’t been tested and can’t support. Don’t get sucked in. They are lame and unable to service their products. Now I get to pay $35 to return a product that doesn’t work. This is how they generate revenue. Don’t fall for it. Run away from Verizon. What ever you do, go with a different service.

  28. The storm is a bomb. Quality is awful. service still sucks. never could get it to work with email. Now I get to return it at a cost of $35. I quess this is the onlhy way VZ can make money. I reluctenly switched back to VZ for an employer discount., even after previous horrible experiences. Stupid me. Noting has changed. The sales rep had to call me back because he had to attend a sales meeting. I stupidly still ordered the Storm. Never was able to get it to work, even after hours on the phone with the service rep. I couldn’t even get past the “I accept” button. The service rep said that was because the Storm was a little tempermental. I just expect it to work.

    VZ needs to stop trying to keep up with current technology and just get one thing right… dial tone…oh that’s right…they couldn’t even do that.

    Run away from this company. Don’t be tempted by the ads. They can not deliver on anything. Lame.

  29. I also loathe Verizon and will _never_ do business with them again. I had an ISDN BRI line with Verizon while I lived in an apartment. I was moving, so I requested that the line be disconnected and they hit me with a $500 USD early termination fee. They are a bunch of greedy scumbags. Inversely, at my new place I had another ISDN BRI circuit, but with SBC/Ameritech instead. Thankfully, Verizon did not service the new area. They did not rip me off like Verizon did. This was in Michigan. Verizon thieves can burn.

  30. Have been having problems with Verizon billing. For the past 5 months. Requested an audit on my account to see if there could be a credit due to their system’s delay in posting payments, thus bills with higher amounts. Was commented by a verizon staff that shouldn’t I know what I’m paying. Sure, so why am I now arguing that I’ve made payments when Verizon says I haven’t? Would love to change to different company. Fingers crossed soon.

  31. Hi Jodi,

    Just read your post and while I’m truly sorry for the mess you went through –you had me cracking up. Hopefully, things worked out w/your service (I hear ya. I just googled “Verizon sucks” to see if anyone else had the same issues I do with Verizon Surround showing previews of movies that are nowhere to be found in VOD, programming, etc. A minor peeve compared to your saga but annoying nonetheless.)

    Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post; you write well!

  32. Thanks, Lisa. I find it hysterically funny that my site is ranked so high for “Verizon sucks.” I didn’t try for that to happen, which is usually when it does.

  33. Hi Judi….When we signed up for FIOS on Nov. 5, 2007, we were promised a $100.00 gift certificate in the 13th month of our subscription. Well, it’s like pulling teeth. I called on Nov. 24, 2008 and spoke with T. who told me I will get it in the next few weeks. She said her computer instructed her that no further action was required. No dough yet! Ticked off I called again on Jan. 28, 2009 and spoke with D. who assured me I’ll have it by the end of Febr. 2009. No dough yet! What’s up with Verizon?


    they have the WORST customer support

    they are rude and obnoxious.

    they don’t want to help, they are just arrogant.

    and their products are defective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    boycott verizon!

  35. I will never use verizon again. On Nov. 11, 2008, at 3:00 pm eastern time, I canceled my verizon account. I spoke with “Michelle” who could not give me an extension number. Upon cancelation, I paid the entire balance due. Actually, I over-payed and I received a check refund for the pro-rated amount left in that month’s billing cycle. One week later, I called verizon again to verify the account being closed and was told again, the account was at zero and paid in full. Now, 5 month later, I get a letter from a collection agency in the amount of $8.73. WTF! What else can I do? How many times must I call after closing a verizon account to verify we are even, square, and paid in full? Why couldn’t they just send me a bill if I did in fact owe money? If I owe money, TELL ME! Verizon repeatedly told me I did not owe anything. Lies, lies and more lies. I will never use verizon again. BOYCOTT VERIZON!

  36. Let me add one thing to my “central New Jersey” post. Verizon offers you deals/concessions and DOES NOT DELIVER. It is almost impossible to get a credit for lost service. They keep telling y0u they can’t see your bills but it should be on next month’s bill, etc. Never shows up. When I signed up for the bundle I was supposed to get a $200 AmEx gift card from DirecTV. DirecTV said nope. I called Verizon and they had some Cust serv woman call me over and over – she just wasted my time. Finally, I was told since I was an existing phone customer, I didn’t qualify. I escalated it and argued some more and I managed to get some money off but I don’t think it equaled $200 and it wasn’t worth it.

    Twice with service outages, I have been told I would get a month of free service. It didn’t happen.

    The people on the phone LIE. They know you can’t prove what they said, what their names are, their phone numbers, etc. so they just lie to you and probably hang up the phone laughing.

    Comcast isn’t great to deal with but they are much more reputable in this regard,

  37. I have had Verizon (Spyrizon) for 7 months and it sucks. The videos won’t play at dinner time, the online help is from southern India and can’t understand English. Verizon outsourced your jobs to India. Verizon’s webpage that they promised is a piece of crap. Verizon is partially owned by the Carlyle Group which in itself is reason to drop the service. They take off the NCI network file so you can’t dial then pretend they didn’t do it. They knew how to fix it in a hurry.

  38. I think Verizon is awesome! I have been a customer for 3 years and every time I have had a problem they have always resolved in a kind and timely fashion! No one will be satisfies 100% of the time that is just unrealistic! But Verizon to me is great I would recommend it to anyone!

  39. First of all let me say that I work for Verizon. Customer Service. 2nd of all if you do a search for “Comcast Sucks” or “Directv Sucks” or any other company, you’ll come up with a lot of results. No company is perfect, and you WILL find disgruntled customers for every business out there. I’m assuming that most of you have jobs? You know that within the confines of your job, there are things that you can and cannot do? We’re the same way. We try to help you within the limits of our authorization, but screaming at us for 20 minutes is not going to help your cause. Nor is coming on the line and the first thing out of you mouth is “Verizon/You People Suck!” I’m a human being and I have feelings. The worst thing that a customer can say to me is, “You don’t care!”. I DO care, I’m a human being, I pay rent/mortgage, car payments, light, gas, electricity, etc so *I* deal with customer service reps and other companies too. So yeah, sometimes customers do have problems, and we help out the best that we can.

  40. I’ll bet the (very few) ppl here saying that vz is a good company are undercover agents trying to balance the dissatisfaction/satisfaction ratio to no avail. Who honestly does a search of “verizon sucks” if they’re satisfied with the service??

    Anyways I’m an AT&T customer and I was doing the search since my friends with a vz phone try to send me pics but all I get is a text with a link, a pic ID #, and a passcode… That’s obnoxious enough but when I try to go to the site it refuses to load, on my phone that loads webpages faster than my computer… I got really frustrated and decided to change my attitude by reading through all the reasons why else they suck.

  41. I wish the State of Florida and the counties would protect the consumers by looking into how Verizon, in my opinion, is cheating its subscribers.

    They are horrible to do business with. They are bullies

    The State and the Counties should look at Google & search for verizon sucks also verizon problems.

    Protect the people and stop Verizon’s bullying of its customers..

  42. If you want arrogance, bad customer service, billing errors (in Verizon’s favor),

    excessive fees and poor service , use Verizon.

    Search on line at GOOGLE — VERIZON SUCKS

    Florida consumer protection should look there also.

  43. Now the company has made data plans a requirement on ALL phones except the cheap free phones they offer. It’s sick. I went to upgrade phones and all the phones my kids wanted required a data plan. We are not talking Droid and Blackberry phones just your average phones with full key boards. They claim it is a manufacturing issue it’s a LIE of course. Who wants thier teenager to have unsupervised internet access? They say they can add parental controls well I already have that for free its called NO internet access on the phone. How do I get a phone I want without a data plan I don’t want and I wont use. It robbery and a money making scam. SICK SICK SICK.

  44. Guess what??? They S T I L L SUCK!!!!!!

    My husband keeps talking about cancelling and going back to old service. When you call Verizon and select the “Cancellation” menu item, you get a guy who promises the moon and the stars.

    Of course, Friday at closing time is always when they finally call back for tickets, etc.

    TV looks good. Internet? My email doesn’t work – computer can’t even ;load the webmail page for Verizon. S U C K S . OK so why don;t we just start a Class action suit,. or maybe simply a “protest” movement??? HOW much money do you think Verizon “donated” to political candidates to be treated with the kid gloves by regulators? They have absolutely, positively, assuredly the WORST customer service in the US. Staff hang up on customers when they get asked a question they cannot answer. Installer — installs half the stuff and then leaves. Billing? Not quite sure how stupid they are, but I’m trying to keep my expectations low. My husband says he “wants to give them a chance” but they just suck. After 8 days of their service, just today all my TVs work.

    Those door-to-door people? SCAM artisits they get paid for setting appointments. What happens after that they could care less. Sociopaths and swindlers.

  45. verizon wireless sucks! After dealing with a multiple set of issues with them they have done absolutely nothing to try and make it right. I went from having an employee tell me that they could do nothing for me even though I had insurance. To another one of their corporate stores tell me that that should have never happened but I SHOULD HAVE FURTHER INVESTIGATING by calling the very insured company they have a contract with to changing my billing cycle to changing my rates to their higher ones due to the fact that aI changed liability even though I have been with them for 6 years plus to having customer service call me about the letter I wrote to Corporate and still all they do is make excuses for their employees actions and giving them all the reason. They don’t give a CRAP about customer and what sucks is that I had just renewed before all this happened and now I am stuck with them for another two years because who wants to pay their cancellation fee. THEY SUCK!