Thinking about a desktop Mac again

We’re slowly settling in to the house. I would guess that we have maybe 15 boxes left to deal with, give or take.

Emily started school this week and loves it. I learned my lesson and I won’t make early judgments on educational value, but socially she is very happy. The school is beautiful and every faculty member I’ve talked to has been friendly and caring. It’s about 1/2 the size of the school we moved from, although her class size is about the same. Laini starts on Monday.

I so love my new home office in the basement. It’s quiet, spacious and very comfortable.


In a couple of months, my MacBook Pro will be 2 years old. Which means, of course, I’m starting to think of what’s next.

I definitely need a portable for when I’m traveling, but for day-to-day use, the MacBook Pro doesn’t pack enough punch. No matter what I do, I keep having trouble with memory use.

After only a day of uptime:


I shut down Word & Excel after use because I find the system really drags when they’re running in the background. Otherwise, the biggest RAM hogs that I have running all the time are VMWare Fusion, Firefox and Twhirl.

I’m thinking it’s time to switch back to a desktop Mac, leaving the MBP for when I travel only.

I can’t justify a Mac Pro. I’m leaning towards the 24″ iMac with 500GB drive (over 4x the space I have now) and 4GB RAM. I wish the RAM ceiling were higher, but it’s better than what I got.