Labor Day takes on new meaning when you're moving

Another day where my attention is focused more on a little center hall colonial in Southern New Jersey than it is on the rest of the world (Hurricane Gustav reports notwithstanding…my thoughts are with everyone in its path). Huge thank you to Mike Gunderloy for keeping WebWorkerDaily churning along while I’ve been settling in.

Slowly, parts of this house are looking like people actually live here.

Verizon is impressing with me with how many times it can completely screw up the easiest of instructions.

We have 2 lines which Verizon has refused to combine into a single account because they were started at different times. On Wednesday, a tech was here for over 4 hours with only an order to install the second number (Eric’s line). She left unable to get a dial tone on either number, assuring me that it would be fixed by Friday, the day we were moving in. The previous owners used Vonage so Verizon has never established service in this house. I know it’s unusual to have a home that isn’t new construction that isn’t set up for POTS, but still…

Friday, no dial tone on either number. I call support from my iPhone and they arrange a service call for first thing Saturday morning. Even after saying at least 3 times, “make sure the technician has orders to activate/fix both numbers,” the tech arrives with orders for only the main line. He determines that neither phone number is coming into the house. What the woman was doing in my house for nearly 5 hours, I’m not sure. He gets the main number working, but can find no trace whatsoever of the 2nd line. Here we go again. This morning, I’ll make my 4th call to Verizon in attempt to straighten this out. It’s incredibly frustrating that if one wants a non-VOIP landline in a residential home, Verizon has no competition. They can mess with me for weeks, charge me whatever fee on top of fee that strikes their mood, and they have no motivation to deliver halfway decent service.

Oh, and instead of forwarding calls from the old number to the new one as they promised to do, the old number still goes to the old voicemail that I have to check. Yet another call to Verizon, as I won’t be able to deal with an issue on the main number and Eric’s number at the same time.

Comcast will be here tomorrow evening to hook up a cable modem. DirecTV was here yesterday for the televisions, so the kids are happy. The fun part will be convincing Comcast to get the cable modem going without insisting on installing all the customized crap on my computer. Anyone have a recent Comcast install?

As much as I was looking forward to FIOS, I’m seriously considering taking a pass on it when it’s finally activated here. The Verizon tech saw evidence that my neighborhood was being prepped for it. But that means more dealings with Verizon and I’m not sure that’s something I can bear.