Media that feeds on itself

Flipping through my Netvibes feeds this morning for the latest from

Anthrax, suicide, beheadings on buses, torture, bodies in freezers.

Our mood is at historic low.



5 responses to “Media that feeds on itself”

  1. Judi,

    My wife and I avoid the first 10 minutes of each local newscast so we can avoid seeing and knowing about the rapes, murders, and other scandals of the day.

    Some might say I’m keeping my head in the sand, but I’m just trying not to get weighed down by the media’s perversion of our society.

  2. I’d be willing to bet the “mood” during the great depression was much worse, and I’m sure it stinks for the person who got laid off or woke up to realize that he actually shouldn’t have borrowed 100% of the price of his house, but I guess I’m not so sure it’s at an historic low

  3. I don’t even watch the local news, or read news sites for that matter.

    Anything that is actually “news” and not just “if it bleeds, it leads” exploitative nonsense will reach me if it needs to.