We're outta here

I’ve been debating on how much I should blog about our move. Folks have been asking, so here’s a little update.

On June 21, I posted:

So, just 3 years nearly to the day after we moved here, we’re preparing to put our condo on the market and move closer to Laini’s school. Driving her 50 miles each way to school and back is killing us, $4/gallon of gas notwithstanding. It’s not a great time to sell and we’re going to take a large loss compared to the price we paid in 2005. Luckily we have plenty of equity and real estate is far more affordable where we’re going.

At that time, I was thinking that a “best case” scenario would be selling our townhouse sometime over the Fall and moving by the end of the calendar year.

Our plan was to repaint/recarpet the upstairs of the unit before selling. It’s the original 7 year-old paint and carpet and needs it. On Wednesday, June 25th we met with our broker (if you’re looking to buy/sell a home in New Jersey, I highly recommend) and learned that there was no other unit like ours on the market at that moment. Rather than wait until all the work was done, we made the strategic decision to put the home on the market ASAP and halt showings for the week the work was being done. Folks who made a fast offer could “pick their own colors.” We picked an aggressive price that we knew would give us enough in the bank to get the home we wanted in another part of the state.

The listing hit MLS on Friday, 6/27. Saturday the lock box went on the door with the intention of showings beginning on Monday. On Sunday, while in the car on the way to see a house we liked, the broker calls and says someone wants to see our home today (Sunday). Is it okay? Thank goodness I made everyone leave the house in spotless shape, so I say “sure!” That night, the folks who saw the place made an offer! A good, fair one.

On Monday, we go to the broker’s office and quickly work out a deal where we’ll give the buyers a credit so they can do their own paint/carpet. Sold! In the meantime, we place an offer on the house we saw the previous day and loved. A little back and forth, and they accept!

So in a heartbeat we go from “hopefully we’ll be out by the end of the year” to we’re moving by the end of the summer!

Things are moving along nicely towards closing on both places on August 26. So much to do, and we’re even going on vacation 8/16-8/25. We have plane tickets so our plans can’t change.

Goodbye condo, hello single-family home again. For just about the same amount that we’re selling our 2000 sq. ft. townhome near Princeton with single-car garage we’re buying a 3000 sq. ft. 4 bedroom/2.5 bath home with back yard, finished basement and 2 car garage. It even has a covered front porch!

We’re moving to a small town in the northern part of southwestern New Jersey, about 30 minutes east of Philadelphia. I’ve already met with someone at the new school district, and while nothing is in writing (can’t be until we close), it’s looking pretty good that they understand Laini’s needs and will do what is appropriate for her. Emily’s elementary and middle school are less than a 1/2 mile away, and the entire neighborhood looks like it came right out of a sitcom set. When Eric has to go to New York City for work, it’s a bit of a schlep. But we’ll make it work.


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  1. Dear Judi and Eric:

    I just want to wish you well with your new home. Although you did not specify exactly what town you are moving to, it sounded like an area I have some experience with. I was the architect for the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Turnersville (Gloucester Township), NJ and spent many days over 2 years in that part of NJ. Nice area and being close to Philly isn’t bad. It was a pleasure working with you way back when on your house in Stamford, CT and it sounds like you all are getting along well. Looking forward to reading more on your blog. Take care.