I woke up yesterday with an idea for a post on Web Worker Daily on what it’s like to switch from the BlackBerry to the iPhone. The good and the bad. It was a quiet morning, so the 1500 word post fell together quickly and I felt pretty good about it.

Around 8 pm we get an email that the post will be hitting the front page of Yahoo as a featured link. We’ve heard legend of what happens to site traffic when a post is linked on the front of Yahoo, but never experienced it.

Sure enough, around 9 pm Yahoo’s front page looked like this:


And the traffic?

Oh. My. God.

I don’t think I should talk specific numbers, but I think it’s okay to say that in 6 hours that single post was viewed nearly as much as the entire site gets in a typical month. If you’re familiar with how much traffic getting on the Digg home page brings in, think of that times four in half the time.

As of right now there are nearly 400 comments on the post that I can’t begin to respond to. I don’t think I want to. My post didn’t fall solidly on one “side” or the other. I wrote from my own personal perspective about what’s better on the iPhone and what’s worse. I’d go back to the BlackBerry in a heartbeat for some reasons, you’d have to pry the iPhone from my hand for others. It’s not that cut & dry, so the comments evenly attack me from both sides.

A few think “payola” from Apple is involved (yeah, right…I wish) and then five comments later I get attacked for not thinking the iPhone is perfect.

Getting on the Yahoo! home page is great, and I certainly don’t have to sweat my numbers this month, but after flipping through the comments I’m kind of glad it doesn’t happen every day.


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