Appirio Calendar Sync and Salesforce Summer '08

To my fellow Salesforce admins: If your organization has enabled the Appirio Calendar Sync to sync Google Apps calendar with Salesforce, and your organization has been upgraded to Salesforce Summer ’08, have your users double check their settings in the sync application. It’s likely they’ll find something like this:


The sync stopped on Friday, June 6, just as we were being upgraded to Summer ’08. I have administrator login privileges on a few user accounts, and sure enough their sync stopped at exactly the same time.


2 responses to “Appirio Calendar Sync and Salesforce Summer '08”

  1. Hi, this is Jason from Appirio Support. This should actually not have happened, regardless of what Salesforce was doing on June 6. It was a temporary problem with the sync product.

    When a sync occurs, our product logs in to Google and Salesforce on your behalf to access your calendars. Sometimes this can fail due to any number of reasons. We try to interpret these reasons as either transient (e.g., a system outage at Salesforce) or permanent (e.g., user changed their password). If there is a permanent problem, we disable the sync until the user has resolved it.

    This interpreting of errors can be a complicated business, since many of them are not documented or known to us until they happen. In this case we got it wrong and disabled syncs even though the errors were transient.

    From now on we are erring on the side of caution: we will not disable syncs. We may downgrade the sync frequency (for example, from 2 hours to 4 hours) if we receive a consistent stream of errors from Salesforce and Google.

    We apologize for the disabled sync and thank you for using the product. As always if you have any feedback, e-mail us at

  2. Thanks, Jason. Obviously, the sync couldn’t reach Salesforce on Friday night on my behalf because I couldn’t. So while the upgrade didn’t cause the problem, it certainly was a factor.

    Anyway, the sync works really well…except when it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t I have to rely on the users to get it going again which can sometimes be a challenge. Would be great if I could have some sort of administrator view to see whose calendar is syncing and whose isn’t.