Thoughts on today's nearly-everyone-but-SteveNote

Over an hour of demos?!?! Seriously?!?

I find it hard to believe that what we saw/heard was what was planned. Can you imagine?

Steve: “Okay, folks, I only have 2 things to announce this time and a lot of time to kill. So instead of my standing up there turning the reality distortion field to full blast, showing off the fact that I am one the world’s best public speakers and can make those apps look great, we’re going to have speaker after speaker come up on that stage and show their own apps. Dry, stiff and boring, please. Let’s not coach them much. The more nervous they are, the better. That way, by the time I get up there it won’t matter what I say…those Mac fans’ll be so glad to see me they’ll cheer their heads off.”

Something felt “off” about this keynote, and way too long demos wasn’t all of it.

The energy wasn’t there.

Isn’t it strange that they brought the Apple Store down this morning, only to update it with products you can’t buy. When the iPhone was first introduced, Jobs made it clear that you couldn’t buy it online because they were still waiting for FCC approvals. I wonder if it’s a similar situation now. Why else wouldn’t Apple open the iPhone to preorders since they have no other iPhones to sell? Rumor has it that the new iPhones have to be purchased and activated in-store, so that may be part of it.

And I never like when companies introduce new products by telling you what sucks about the product it replaces. Like the “new” headphone jack. It should have been flush to begin with…that’s not a feature! Tell me why I want one of these over the new BlackBerry Bold I have my eye on. Because today, Mr. Jobs, you didn’t convince me.