What's with the fake Facebook friends?


Like many over the age of 30, I’m spending less and less time on Facebook these days. Twitter and FriendFeed are more my social networking style.

The other day, Eric got an email that Seth Godin has confirmed his Friend request on Facebook. It was the real Seth Godin’s Facebook profile. Thing is, Eric has spent maybe a grand total of 5 minutes on Facebook and never visited Godin’s profile, much less asked for his hand in friendship.

This morning I got a friend request:


Um, sure…after Erin Brokovich and I had lunch last week and discussed her next lawsuit we said, “let’s friend each other!”

“Erin” has 12 Friends…and none of them are Julia Roberts. Not to mention the fact that there’s no activity in the feed.

It’s the first time anyone has tried to friend me from what appears to be a fake profile. Does this happen often?


  1. Seth Godin says:

    I’m guilty of being way behind on approving friend requests, but if it was the real me (I don’t know which eric you mean), it was only because someone had friended me first!

  2. Judi Sohn says:

    Hi Seth, I wasn’t questioning that it was the real you. When Eric showed me the request I looked at your profile and saw it was legit.

    I was questioning the fact that Eric (my husband, Eric Sohn) had sent the request for your friendship in the first place. He insists that he never did, so he was surprised to get an email that you accepted a request he never made.

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