Apple Plays a Little Dirty with 10.5.3

How does Apple get away with these things when no one else can?

When you update to Mac OS X 10.5.3, if you own an iPhone you can now sync your Google contacts to Address Book:
If, like me, you don’t own an iPhone:

What would folks say if Microsoft had features in Windows that didn’t require a PDA or phone, but only worked if the OS could tell that the user was using a Windows Mobile device? Wouldn’t go over too well is my guess. This is no different.

If I can sync Address Book with Yahoo, I should be able to sync it with Google regardless of whether or not I own an iPhone.


6 responses to “Apple Plays a Little Dirty with 10.5.3”

  1. It shows up in the Address Book prefs as advertised, and it syncs in the standard way. Use iSync, folks.

    Whomever said it only works with an iPhone first ought to be ashamed of themselves, and of the parrots that followed should be doubly ashamed for repeating it.

  2. Scott, with all due respect…what the heck are you talking about? The screen shot I took above is directly from my own Address Book prefs under Mac OS X 10.5.3. It ain’t there.

  3. Jasper, do you sync with .Mac then? Reading through this thread it appears that may be a factor.

    There’s also a thread here and here.

    Speak of Lifehacker, they have a post here about how to get around the iPhone thing in a hacky sort of way.

  4. Hey Judi, I followed the lifehacker post linked above and I have google sync in my Address Book. It was easy!