Another reason to love Verizon DSL

Right now, my only choices for broadband are Verizon DSL and Comcast. Rock, meet hard place.

I stick with Verizon DSL only because I’d rather pay $29.99 a month to be treated like dirt and have bad service than $60/month (which is what it would cost us for a Comcast cable modem since I want to stay with DirecTV for the televisions and Verizon for the landline phone).

I have my Aircard modem which gives me speeds comparable to DSL from home, but that isn’t going to help the rest of my family that wants to get online. So Verizon DSL it is.

I’ve been a longtime fan of OpenDNS, which serves as an alternate cached name server. Sometimes I have to turn it off because I have difficulty getting on certain hotspots with it on. Last night, my connection to the ‘net was slow and in troubleshooting, I turned off OpenDNS. This morning, I tried to check my tasks for the day and was greeted with this:


Say whaaat?

Turned OpenDNS back on and the site loads without a problem.

This started happening with the Verizon DSL DNS last week. I’ll report this to the great folks at Remember the Milk (by giving them a link to this post) and will let them fight it out with Verizon. I shudder to think of the conversation I would have if I called their support to report it.


2 responses to “Another reason to love Verizon DSL”

  1. Ready to scream myself. I had a call with Verizon last ngiht that lasted about 3 hours. Their idea of tech support is ‘power off the modem, power off the pc, unconnect the cables, now plug everything back in, power it back on. I can get to your modem so it is a PC issue. Plug your laptop (configured with a static IP like the rest of my boxes) and do not use the wireless connection. Oh it is your laptop.’ My response well there is something wrong with the modem not forwarding my data out of the modem, ‘no it is a computer issue’. So I will just cancel DSL and go to Comca$t. ‘Is there anything else I can help you with?’

    What happened to customer service is this country?