Why I'm still not interested in the MacBook Air

Om just posted his impressions of the Lenovo ThinkPad x300 on GigaOm.

He linked to a funny Lenovo video which shows exactly why I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to buy a MacBook Air, even if I had an extra $2000 burning a hole in my pocket (which I don’t):

My 2.33 GHz 15″ MacBook Pro is starting to get creaky and it’s barely 18 months old. I’m on it for so many hours a day, some of the printing on the keys are worn away.

If I was able to replace this machine right now, I don’t think I’d buy another MacBook Pro as Apple currently offers them. It’s heavy and bulky.

The Air’s footprint is too big and it requires way too many compromises for someone who wants to use just one computer and not buy it to supplement a desktop machine.

I would probably look at a top-of-the-line MacBook first, as the form factor/weight is a little closer to what I want, and it’s still a performance upgrade over my current 2.33 GHz machine.

My dream portable:

  • Mac OS X as its primary operating system
  • 4 lbs. or less
  • at least 4 GB RAM
  • High performance CPU, whatever the flavor of the month is…I can never tell the difference between chips
  • at least 200 GB hard drive. I want to keep everything I need with me without worrying about carrying external drives to get to essential data (but use external drives as well as online services for backups).
  • 13″ display and the form factor to match. I don’t necessarily need a full size keyboard, but not a cramped one either
  • CD/DVD drive. Doesn’t have to burn anything, just want to install software and play movies.
  • at least 4 USB ports, Ethernet, external video port and external audio port. That’s it. I don’t care about Firewire or PCMCIA.
  • Built-in EVDO modem
  • At least 3 hours battery life (in reality, not what the manufacturer says)

Sad thing is, I think I could probably find this machine if I didn’t insist on the “OS X” part. This Sony VAIO gets pretty close. I have no desire to go back to Windows fulltime, certainly not to Vista.


2 responses to “Why I'm still not interested in the MacBook Air”

  1. I read your Leopard backup post and the MBA one.

    I’ve always kept multiple (3) Vaio’s on the go and ready to sync in case one breaks (that has happened a number of times, mainly physical damage).

    Because of the toxicity of Vista my concern was that if a main machine breaks again, then I could not do as before and walk into a Sony shop and buy a replacement because Sony only offer Vista now (in the meantime I’d use one of the other 1-2 less powerful machines). Yes I could walk in and buy a new one in event of failure but why pay for Vista? And why roll back to a 7 year old OS?

    So I decided to head for OS X as the Windows path seems shut off due to Vista. I held off for ages as the MBP factor sucks big time compared to Vaios (once you’ve lived with titanium 13″ Vaios, you realise in terms of form you don’t get better). But after giving up on Mac updating the chassis it was more important to begin the move to OS X. So I bought a MBP.

    I tend to find I lug around the MBP less. If I know I only need Office style apps and a browser I still take the 13″ Vaio. So maybe it’s a good idea if your just going to be doing web and office on the road just pickup a second hand or new 13″ Vaio – get a SZ1 (XP) off eBay for example.

  2. Interesting idea. At this point, though, since I’m on the road more often than I’m at my desk I don’t think it would work. I really need Mac OS X as my primary OS and I don’t want the hassle of syncing multiple devices.