The best coffee maker I have ever owned

It’s so rare that I like a coffee maker that I own for more than a few weeks it’s worth blogging about one that I still like 6+ months later. This will probably read like a paid review. It’s not. I’m just talking about a kitchen appliance that has given me a lot of satisfaction.

I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee and I’m not a huge fan of the instant stuff made in a microwave. I never liked most carafe-based coffee makers because 1. the coffee was never hot enough, 2. I’d end up pouring out more coffee than I drank, and 3. clean up was a pain.

I love the coffee that comes out of pods, but the cost per cup is ridiculously expensive.

Late last summer, I found this in a local store and bought it on a whim:

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center

Love it!

The top part lifts up and you can either put in a pod or a single serving of drip coffee in one of those permanent filters. Then you slide out the drawer underneath and fill with a cup’s worth of water. Place the mug underneath the spout and a few minutes later you have a piping hot cup o’ Joe.

The only thing that needs immediate cleaning is the filter which is easy to dump & rinse off (in addition to the less regular cleaning that you should do with any coffee maker).


2 responses to “The best coffee maker I have ever owned”

  1. I have this same coffee maker in my office. It works great and like you said it is super easy to clean up. I recommend it as well.