I don’t know about you, but I think I’m over Facebook. It’s too noisy. The time I used to give to Facebook, I now find myself giving to FriendFeed.

What I like is finding people who say/do interesting things online around topics, ideas and interests we have in common and easily following all the ways they express those topics, ideas and interests.

It’s called “FriendFeed” but friendship has little to do with it. Maybe the folks I follow will be “friends” one day based on those common topics, ideas and interests. I hope so. Some already are. But that’s not where it starts. FriendFeed should follow Twitter’s lead and change “friends” to “following” which is a more accurate term. Considering the name of the service, probably won’t happen.

FriendFeed is similar to Plaxo Pulse and at least 10 other services where you input all the places you are and follow others where they’re at (a kind of lifestreaming). As I posted earlier this morning, one can no longer assume that the blog is the center of someone’s online universe. It certainly isn’t mine. It’s just another avenue I use to express myself publicly (read: carefully).

I also post on Web Worker Daily. I share links through Google Reader and I post some photos on Flickr and SmugMug. And of course, I tweet. Interested in the same things I’m interested in? Subscribe to me on FriendFeed and you get it all.

FriendFeed is pretty simple. I like that the interface is low-key. It doesn’t trip over itself like Pulse does. It only sends me information I’ve asked for (which is once per day).

It’s not a popularity contest. I love that I can only see how many folks are subscribed to me, and I can’t see how many folks are subscribed to others. Yet I can see who they’re subscribed to. A nice way to discover new voices.

Bottom line is that I’m not that interested in Facebook groups, pokes, games, etc. which makes most of Facebook annoying these days.

I love the “hide” feature (underneath each entry). I prefer to read tweets in Twhirl. I’m starting to appreciate FriendFeed for the other streams. So I set FriendFeed to only show me tweets that have comments/activity in FriendFeed. Cuts down on a lot of the duplicate noise.

Currently, you can only auto-discover fellow FriendFeed users through your address book. I wish there was a way I could pour in the list of folks I already follow in Twitter.


2 responses to “FriendFeed”

  1. One day I’m going to take the time to set up a friend feed account for myself. I’ve been watching others set up accounts and test the waters, and it seems like it’s time for me to finally take the plunge myself. With all the different networks I’m a part of, it seems natural to combine them all in one place and hopefully save myself some valuable time.

    I suppose I just needed a Mom at Home post to advocate and push me to take action! Thanks Judi : )