More on the Salesforce/Google calendar sync bug

Update: See comments. Appirio fixed the bug and all is well. 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, the new Google/Salesforce calendar sync seems to have a bug.

The Appirio Sync For Google Calendar appears to only sync events based on the “Assigned to” field.

When you invite another user to a meeting in Salesforce, the “Assigned to” field remains set to the person who did the inviting….


…even though the event appears on the Salesforce calendar of those folks who were invited (whether they accepted the meeting or not)


That likely explains why I had 8 copies of the same meeting sync to Google calendar, synced to each person who was invited. When I deleted the duplicate instances, the user was erroneously notified the meeting was canceled.

It may also explain why the meeting below is not syncing to Google Calendar. I was invited, accepted, and it appears in my Salesforce calendar. But not in Google calendar.


Carlea hasn’t set up her Google-Salesforce calendar sync yet (I haven’t deployed it to her) but if she did sync, I’d wage money she has multiple copies of the meeting…one for each person she invited.

Now to log a case with Appirio referencing this post. I’m surprised I can’t find a mention of this anywhere else.


6 responses to “More on the Salesforce/Google calendar sync bug”

  1. We’re looking at this now and should have it fixed in the next day or so. Thank you for the very helpful blog entry.

  2. This should be fixed. The best way to re-test is to delete your Appirio Calendar Sync configuration (click Del), add it again (New), and Sync again (Start or Sync Now).

  3. The work around to NOT pay a third party to sync between SF and Google Calendar is Outlook. Yes, Microsoft Outlook – no exchange server needed. If you are using Microsoft Office, you already have Outlook loaded on your machine. Outlook acts as the vehicle to sync between SF and Google without paying a 3rd party fee like Appirio (theirs is no longer free). Sync SF to Outlook then Outlook to Google Calendar. Due to probable custom fields in SF, best practice for SF Users is to create Events in SF, then sync to Google calendar.