WordPress 2.5

I was originally planning to wait before upgrading this blog to WordPress 2.5. I usually like to read what others have to say before diving in for myself. But then I was poking around the dashboard on my blog and I saw that the fabulous WordPress Automatic Update plug-in had been updated to version 1.0 to work with WP 2.5. That, and the fact that WP 2.5 supposedly allows you to insert code with the visual editor on. I backup my database every night, so I decided to hold my nose and jump in.

Using the WPAU plug-in, the upgrade took about 3 minutes from start to finish. No problem at all (that I can see).

There are some things I like right away. I like the tighter editing window. I like new dashboard which puts more emphasis on my stuff than WordPress.org self-selling. I like the change in language from “slug” (which no one understood) to “Permalink” which makes more sense. I like that superfluous settings are tucked away, while things like the post status and tags are front and center.

Hmmm…only thing that seems a little weird is the fact that it’s giving me Pacific time for draft saves, rather than Eastern/UTC -4 (time zone is set correctly in blog settings).

And yes, I only posted the above screen shot so I could play with the new integrated media upload tool. 🙂