Wifi that won't

Anyone seen this? I can’t seem to search out an answer.

I’m at a Dunkin’ Donuts near Laini’s school that advertises free wifi (in other words, no point in asking the folks behind the counter for tech support).

When I select the network from the list on my MacBook Pro, it asks for the WPA password, which I know. But the “OK” button is greyed out. No matter what I type, I can’t get it to un-grey.


Earlier, a gentleman was here with a PC and had no trouble getting online. Eric will be meeting here later, and we’re going to see if he can get on with his MacBook. If so, then we know it’s a problem with my MBP, otherwise it’s something funky in the router here that doesn’t like Macs. I don’t have a problem with the WPA2 network at home, or the WPA network at C3’s Virginia office.

All I can say is thank goodness, once again, for my EVDO modem. At least I can get online and do basic work tasks. But as you can see…it’s not a big enough pipe to do much else:

The Borders Cafe that I usually work out of will be closing for construction for 2 weeks, beginning on Monday. I’m trying to find an acceptable alternative, and it ain’t easy. The Panera Bread is too noisy. As is the Starbucks. The Barnes & Noble doesn’t have outlets. I can’t pick up a Sprint signal for the modem at the library.
If anyone has any ideas of good “park yourself and work” locations in or near the Marlton/Medford area of Southern New Jersey (Burlington County), give me a shout, okay? All I need is some place that’s relatively quiet/low traffic with a power outlet. Decent coffee optional. I wish there was a co-working place within reach.


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  1. Venues that use encryption to enforce purchase requirements just don’t get how to use wi-fi to attract business. they want to avoid the monthly recurring expense of administration and customer support by a service provider.

  2. My guess is that they’re using a different kind of security than what is in the pull-down menu, try a few different settings in there.

  3. It wasn’t even that complicated. ::sigh:: Turns out the password I was given was wrong and one character shy of the minimum needed in that field. As soon as I corrected the password, I got right on.

  4. Judi,
    I was wondering if you were able to find a good 'park and work' location in the Medford area. I will be there with my 2 college kids at Thanksgiving and they will need to get online for assignments. Many thanks for any suggestions.