Switching email to Google apps

I’ve been thinking about making the switch for a while. I like the Gmail interface, Google IMAP is working great with Mail.app, and most important…minimal spam gets pushed through as legitimate mail.

C3 is going to be moving web hosts soon. I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from folks about the volume of spam, which is easy to control on the desktop but much more challenging to deal with on Blackberrys. So with the hosting switch requiring a change in email anyway, it was a good time to move to Google apps. Google offers the Education version for free to 501(c)3 non-profits, giving us more support and migration tools.

A little nervous that everyone is trusting me with their email, and since I never changed a MX record in my life, I decided to move momathome.com email to Google Apps (standard edition) first. I’ve been sending all my email through Island Email for a while, and it’s okay but 30 or so spam messages are still getting through a day, and there’s often an unacceptably long delay before email is passed through to me. The email had to hit my host, then Island Email for filtering, then to me. If there’s an attachment, it takes even longer.

I’m impressed at how fast & easy it was to switch once I set up the new user accounts. Within 2 minutes of setting the new MX records (this page helped) this is the first thing I saw:


Didn’t take the spammers long, did it?


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