As a Mac user, I love when I find that little utility that is so well done, it makes me smile.

Today’s find is TinyCal.


It’s a little application that sits in the menu bar and displays your calendar. You can set it for 1, 2 or 3 month views at a time. You can set it to view horizontally or vertically.

You simply enter your Google username/password and it fetches your personal calendars. Multiple calendar support, thank goodness. No copy/pasting XML or HTML to “subscribe” to the calendar. It syncs, so you can add events from the menu bar by double clicking on the date. It even matches the color labels from Google.

Why did it make me smile? It’s nice to have an elegant Mac OS X utility that doesn’t assume iCal by default. In fact, TinyCal only fetches data from Google Calendar. If you don’t use Google Calendar, then you can still have the calendar display common holidays and such. For me, the ability to see and update all my calendars without going to the browser is a very good thing. Well worth the $10 fee.