Remember that book I mentioned a couple of months ago?

connect-small-cover.jpgIt’s done and should be available for purchase in your favorite bookstore any day now, or you can buy it online: “Connect!: Web Worker Daily’s Guide to a New Way of Working”

I received my copy from the publisher on Monday.

I’m not just saying this because my name is on the cover…it’s really good.

Most tech-focused books are outdated as they hit the shelves. Even ours refers to sites and technologies that probably won’t see 2009. Yet, I think this is a book that will long outlive the startup-of-the-month.

Anne Zelenka, in addition to being an incredible friend and role model, is a gifted writer. As technical editor/peer reviewer, I had the easy part. She had to start with the blank page which she turned into a book that reads like it was effortless, when I know it was anything but.

I’m still amazed that simply doing a podcast interview back in October 2006 led to a relationship that has so enriched my life, both professionally and personally. That interview would not have been possible if I hadn’t been blogging about what I was doing with Salesforce and nonprofit technology. And that’s exactly how the connected web works.

It’s a common misperception in the real world that web workers are literally web workers…software developers, website designers, database geeks, etc. Everyone else uses these “Web 2.0” sites for wasting time, right? Reading RSS feeds, chatting, surfing, blogging & commenting. We’ll have none of that on the job, thankyouverymuch. At work…you work. This book turns that thinking on its side.

I think the bottom line is that you can open yourself up online and reveal the real you, find a career path that fits regardless of where your desk is (if you even have a desk at all) and be fulfilled. It’s not a definitive guide. No 4 minute workweek or quick fixes here. It’s too early in the new web for simple, “I did it and you can too” answers.

It’s my hope that the book will help open your mind to the possibilities that are just starting to exist.