Updating the social nets

Last night, simply because I could, I imported my address book into the two social networks that I actually use…Facebook and LinkedIn. When I wrote my 12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally post for Web Worker Daily, some thought I was saying to ditch LinkedIn. I meant no such thing. Sure, if on a desert island and forced to choose a single network I’d likely pick Facebook, but as I have no sand in my toes there’s no reason I can’t take advantage of the best both have to offer. Even if it means maintaining two profiles. This Lifehack article is along similar lines. Using Facebook professionally isn’t the same thing as using Facebook as your exclusive professional network.

Anyway, I was surprised at how many of my contacts have LinkedIn profiles. It gave me an opportunity to touch base with some folks I haven’t spoken to in a while. On both services, I like that my connections are a nice mix from different corners of my professional and personal life.

It’s not about numbers. For me, it’s about staying in touch with the people I know (or want to know), without having to sit there and think of what to say in an email or phone call. I only wish that the services had an option for women to indicate their maiden names, and then give the option to display that name when someone is searching school lists. Classmates does this, displaying names as we likely remember the person. I don’t want to add Weiler to my display name anywhere but in those class lists. I got married before I had a life online. I’m known (and Google well) as Judi Sohn and to be Judi Weiler Sohn or Judi (Weiler) Sohn on those services will just muddy the waters.