Hanging out for Carbonite

I’ve been a fan of Carbonite for backing up files on the PC side for a while. No file size limits and it just works. Simply. Quietly. Reliably. I’ve restored a few files easily. It never gets in the way. Even works great through Parallels. Best $50 I could have spent.

On the Mac side, I backup to an external drive. Still painless, but takes some maintenance. Plus, I’m connected to the Internet more often than I’m connected to my external drive. If I’m traveling or working remotely, I can’t backup until I’m home. Not ideal, but better than other Mac solutions which limit the amount of data I can transfer or they’re painfully slow, or both.

That’s why I’m still glad to see this on the Carbonite website:

We Are Working Hard on a Mac Version of Carbonite

We expect to have a version of Carbonite for Mac users in October.

I’ll forget that I think they originally promised the Mac version in August. If it’s half as good and reliable as the PC version when it finally comes out, it should be worth the wait.


6 responses to “Hanging out for Carbonite”

  1. I’ve been using Mozy on my Mac for a few months now. The Mac client is still in beta, but they’ve been updating it often. It does keep getting better. The backups seem to reach their destination fine, but, after a couple of large sessions, my configuration files get screwed up, and I have to uninstall it and reinstall (and reconfigure). It’s very slow if you’re doing any kind of work on the computer while it’s backing up.

    I’m really rooting for this product for some reason (I guess mainly because of their early mac support). I’ve been relentless at making sure it is constantly working, and I believe I have some 50gb’s worth of files that have been uploaded.

  2. Glad someone else is using Mozy on the Mac. So far it’s been working ok. I had a few issues thus weekend but they magically went away come Monday. I’m open to other services as I haven’t dove head first into full size online backups just yet. I need to archive 200gb of data right now so I’m waiting for the best service.

  3. I want to move to auotmated backups but didn’t want to drop the dough but it’s looks like that the way to go for best results and peace of mind.

  4. Uh oh. Looks like they slipped again. Now the little note says:

    We Are Working Hard on a Mac Version of Carbonite

    We expect to have a version of Carbonite for Mac users shortly. If you’d like to be notified upon release, please click here to email us.

    No August, no October. “Shortly.” Which can be next week, next month or years from now.

  5. Carbonite must have sold a lot of Backup subscriptions.

    I have tried from work and home on different computers and their website is so slow it won’t load.

    I can ping it.

    But I think their infrastructure is overwhelmed.