Headset envy

Plantronics has done it again.

First they introduce the Calisto, which is a home-office phone that I absolutely love…so much so, I’m dragging my heels on returning my review unit until a little closer to the time that I can think about purchasing one for myself. The Calisto is a light cordless handset and Bluetooth headset that let you switch seamlessly between mobile and landline calls without juggling ears. The sound quality is outstanding.

Now they introduce a new Bluetooth headset for mobile phones that also does stereo sound (Voyager 855). I’m not as tempted by this one, because I don’t listen to music on my phone. I want a Bluetooth headset that will let me listen to stereo music on my computer, and then take mobile calls. It would require pairing with both my computer (or iPod) and phone at the same time, which this doesn’t appear to do. I guess I really want an iMuff. Can’t justify the expense at the moment. For now, I’ll juggle.

In the meantime, I picked up the Explorer 330 for around $50 over the weekend. I will be spending a lot of time in the car over the new few weeks and months. It’s an excellent Bluetooth headset. So much better than the Motorola headsets I’ve tried in the past. Pairs easily with my Blackberry. Voice-activated dialing works very well. Calls sound good on both ends and it’s reasonably comfortable.


One response to “Headset envy”

  1. That Calisto looks pretty good. I could use a headset for switching between home office and cell phone calls. Plus I get annoyed with my current headsets cable. Thanks! =)