iPod touch iTouch Not

If I bought an 8 GB iPhone on June 29th, I would not be happy right now. Apple has every right to drop the price, but I certainly wouldn’t feel good that I spent $200 for an “early adopter fee.” I know they want to sell a ton of iPhones for the holidays, but enraging your most loyal and fanatic customers may not be the best idea.

Apple should send everyone who activated an 8 GB iPhone in the first week a $100 Apple Store gift certificate or something.* I’m not saying they should refund the $200, but make a gesture that acknowledges that they got screwed. Prices on the latest and greatest typically drop when the new shiny comes out, at least 6 months later. That’s inevitable. But 9 weeks later? And without introducing a new shiny? Not cool.

So back to the new iPods… I’m not gaga over the iPod touch. I’m perfectly happy doing mobile surfing on my Blackberry (using the new Opera Mini, which is very good), since I’m mostly just reading feeds with Google Reader. I’m never that desperate for a new tune that I must buy one while sitting in Starbucks. And what is so special about free access to a store?!? “Hey, we’re not going to let the coffee shop stand in your way as you buy stuff from us. Yippeee us!” Have Starbucks offer free wifi to iTouch users and then let’s talk.

My iPod 5th generation is just under 2 years old now. It’s serving me just fine, save for the scratchy, smaller screen and only 30 GB of space. Seems a bit unfair that my iPod can have more drive space than my MacBook Pro. That would be a big motivator in upgrading for me. Alas, it’s not happening any time soon.

* Update: Does Steve Jobs read my blog? Probably not. I’m sure I’m not the only one who made this “suggestion” and in the end, that’s exactly what Apple is doing. Good show.


5 responses to “iPod touch iTouch Not”

  1. I’m not enraged. I know a lot of other people are, and I agree they should have thrown everyone else a bone. I ordered on August 19. I’m going to call to see if I can get anything back, but that just makes sense, and others have had success in getting that.

    But I still won’t be “enraged” if I can’t.

  2. I’m a little surprised it came so soon. I was expecting come Jan. ’08 at MacWorld that I’d be drooling over upgrading my existing iPhone. But now I’m just curious as to why they’d kill the 4GB model so soon and drop the price by $200. I love my iPhone and I’m totally happy with being an early adopter. Just befuddled about the pricing strategy.

    I do like having access to the iTMS on my iPhone though, can’t wait for that. Will be very handy when I’m in the car and my daughter hears a song on the radio she can now add it to our shopping cart.

    I was thinking about picking up a new iPod just for the 160GB hard drive 🙂 When I travel I carry around my iPod now and would love to have even more space for storing files.