Syncing GCal with Plaxo? Check your email

I got this message from Google Calendar support a little while ago:

Hi user,

It’s come to our attention that the some of your Google Calendar information may have been mistakenly deleted through your Plaxo account. Because many users were unaware that deleting the data on Plaxo would cause the data to be deleted from their Google Calendar accounts, we are going to restore all of the calendar information that was deleted through Plaxo.

If you do not want Google to restore calendars affected by this issue, please reply to this email by Wednesday, July 23, 9AM PDT. For questions relating to the Plaxo service or this issue, please contact


The Google Calendar Team

Plaxo now greets me with this when I sign in. Just fine by me. Hasn’t worked in 28 days according to the log anyway.


I replied that my Google Calendar was fine the way it is, and asked that they please not touch it. Somehow, I always understood that “sync” meant just that. Delete an event in one location, and it’s deleted in the other. Plaxo wants to think of itself as the hub. So an action taken in Plaxo would be taken at the various sync points and Plaxo would make the external calendar look like the Plaxo one.

I rely on Plaxo to sync my contacts between Thunderbird and Mac OS X (so I can get them to my Blackberry) and it does a fine job. Will be nice if it would work with Gmail contacts. But the calendar? Ugh. Needs a lot of work.

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