Sneaky comment spam

Have you seen the comment spam that’s starting to hit blogs that talk about tech and web-related topics? Akismet (WordPress’s spam plug-in) bounced this one to me this morning:

My main concern is that you can’t guarantee every page of your website will be included in the SERPs. Considering I’m constantly adding new products to my company’s website, I need to be sure that customers can find them as soon as possible.

Then there’s a link to a search engine optimization site that’s also in the URL. For the heck of it, I followed the link (I’m a Mac user, I can live dangerously) and it is indeed a search optimization site.

I might have thought it a legitimate comment…if it wasn’t on a 7 month old post and if the post in question had anything whatsoever to do with search engines or web development. Had I not been paying attention, I would have easily approved the comment. I’m noticing similar “is it or is it not spam?” comments on Web Worker Daily, too.

If they’re not trying to tell me how to get drugs or increase my manhood, sometimes it’s hard to tell.


One response to “Sneaky comment spam”

  1. Well, there’s also a new service called Buy Blog Comments that actually sells comment outsourcing services, so the comment you received may or may not be a result of that.

    The reason I think it may have been a spin-off, but possibly inspired by the service, is because I received the exact same comment that you did — word for word — and BBC is all about “unique” comments. However, it is something else to be wary of when going through the comments that bypass Akismet or your other spam filters.

    Just a head’s up.

    ~ Teli