New Google Reader feature improves spacebar navigation

I use the space bar in Google Reader to move between posts quickly. My typical reading pattern is to think about the content I’m in the mood to read, and then I click on the tag name to flip through all the news in that tag, in reverse chronological order…”river of news” style. Hitting the spacebar on the keyboard to scroll from post to post without using the mouse.


Up until this morning, when I cleared out a tag/folder (by actually reading or “Mark All as Read”) I would see a white box that said something to the effect of “You have no unread items in (whatever).” Today, if I’m on the last post in a tag and I hit the spacebar, Google Reader loads up the posts in the next tag/folder in the list. ‘Bout time! Before I had to get to the end, and then hit g-t and type the first few letters of another tag to keep navigating by keyboard.

Anyone else notice this?