It's a dry heat my eye

Eric and I are here in Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend. He is finally completing his undergrad degree, having taken courses online through the University of Phoenix for the last year or two. He’s a MIT drop-out. After 25 years of job experience he needs the letters after his name so he can qualify to take a test and get a certain professional certification. Everyone should wear the silly gown and the cardboard hat and walk down an aisle to “Pomp & Circumstance” at least one more time after high school, so here we are. The ceremony is tomorrow evening at the U of Phoenix stadium.

Glad we picked a mild weekend for our visit. Ha! How do people live here?!? When we were landing, the pilot announced that he would tell us the temperature, but his gauge didn’t go that high so he wasn’t sure. The gauge in the rental car read 120 degrees. That’s just insane. Yes, it’s a different hot as compared to the east coast, where you walk outside and immediately drip. It’s not a sweaty heat here in Arizona. Even at the balmy 103 degrees it is right now at 10 pm, it’s uncomfortable and brutal but not sticky. Still, 48 hours here will be long enough.