Plaxo 3

Plaxo has finally opened their overhauled product to the world. I had been testing it for quite some time now, and while it has many quirks, it’s central to my work process now. Since I’m on Mac OS X but I use Thunderbird and Google Calendar instead of Mail and iCal, I had been getting data to/from my Blackberry in a very convoluted way before.

Now Plaxo has made things a little easier. I only sync contacts and notes (Yojimbo) to the Blackberry with Missing Sync. When I need to get calendar data on the phone, I used to go to Google Calendar’s mobile interface. Now I’ll probably just go to the Plaxo mobile page which has been redesigned to take advantage of all of Plaxo’s new features. One central sync point and I can work the data where and how I want to.

I wrote up an in-depth look at Plaxo’s 3 new sync features for Web Worker Daily. Check it out.


One response to “Plaxo 3”

  1. Ha! I read this entry because of Plaxo’s Pulse feeds. It’s incredible how FaceBook like Plaxo is. Suprisingly, it rocks!