A look at the new MacBook Pro

This afternoon is a bit of breathe and catch-up here. I spent some time configuring Salesforce to work with C3’s Google AdWords account. Only catch is that our web-to-lead is in GetActive (soon-to-be Convio), and I have to figure out how to get a hidden field into the form since I don’t have access to the raw code in the GetActive admin area. I sent in a ticket to support, hoping they’ll just add it for me somehow. Everything I do there is temporary since we’ll be migrating from the old GetActive administration to the Convio platform come Fall. In the meantime, I should at least be able to get a picture of how the keywords are doing through Google Analytics since I added the appropriate Javascript to our pages.

Then I purchased AppleCare for my MacBook Pro. Hard to believe it’s been almost 6 months since I got this computer. Before I know it, it will be a year old and I didn’t want to lose my chance to buy the protection. If anything dies on this thing a year or two from now, that $373.43 will be worth every penny.

While I was on the Apple page, I took a closer look at the specs on the new MacBook Pros introduced last week. That first time your computer is updated after purchase is always tough. Should I have waited? I do feel a little twinge of regret having purchased a BlackBerry 8800 when a couple of months later the new BlackBerry Curve has a much better keyboard. But I think I like the GPS more than I would a camera, and I’m getting used to the 8800’s cramped keyboard as long as I keep my thumb nails on the short side. This time, I’m relieved to say that I have no regrets about my MacBook Pro. Six months is a long time to wait for larger RAM capacity at 4GB (which would have added $750 to the bill), 40GB more disk space and a better display (no complaints whatsoever about the current one). That’s essentially the only improvements, aside from the processor bump to 2.4GHz from 2.33GHz that I probably wouldn’t notice.


2 responses to “A look at the new MacBook Pro”

  1. So your Blackberry syncs ok with your macbook pro?

    Work just ordered me the new Macbook pro 17″. It should arrive next week. I haven’t had a mac since the Powerbook 540C. It’s been a while.

    I’m also getting ready to buy my first Smartphone.

    I’m looking at the Blackberry Curve, or a windows mobile device like Moto Q, or I might save my money and wait for the next version of the iphone.

    I haven’t been able to find anyone who’s happy with their syncing of a blackberry or windows phone to their Mac.

    Any comments?


  2. Well, “happy” is a strong word. The only things I sync with my Blackberry is Apple’s Address Book and Yojimbo’s notes. I choose not to sync anything else. It’s do-able, it’s not ideal.