LogMeIn Mac version!

I’ll probably do something on WWD about this too. LogMeIn Free has a Mac version! I installed it last night, but I haven’t had a chance to try to connect to my computer remotely yet. Another little icon up on that menu bar.

I’ve tried so many different remote control applications like this out there over the years, and I think LogMeIn is the best. Fastest, most reliable, easiest to set up and get going. The “free” doesn’t hurt. My mother has it installed and it’s been a lifesaver for those times that she needs me looking over her shoulder. I use LogMeIn IT Reach for C3 folks. I like it because I can get a picture of what’s going on and transfer files around without interrupting them.

It’s always nice when a company says they don’t support Mac OS X but they’re thinking about it…and then they actually do it!


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