Melissa Etheridge

Sometimes my job can be fun. I’m here in Chicago at this big cancer thing. One of the companies that has been very supportive of our work had a fundraiser tonight for Lance Armstrong Foundation at Chicago’s House of Blues and invited us to go. Invitation only, not open to the public. Around 250 people in the room, give or take. The draw? A performance by Melissa Etheridge. We were maybe 15 feet from the stage.

Wow. I have always liked her music. Now after seeing her perform, I love her. In between songs she talked about her cancer experience. The emotion that she brought to every song made my heart catch in my throat. Incredible. Energetic. Funny. She sang a handful of her hits, beginning with “Come to My Window.” Of course, she sang “I Need to Wake Up” and she talked about getting the call from Al Gore to write the song for An Inconvenient Truth.

It’s not like we get invited to these things all the time, but it’s pretty cool when we do.


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  1. I worked at a record store chain in the very late 80’s and right before her first album came out, she did a tour of corporate headquarters to promote it.

    In an office lobby, maybe 15 feet away, I sat on the floor and watched her play “Chrome Plated Heart,” “Occasionally,” and “Similar Features.” Just her and her lute backed guitar. For “Occasionally” she flipped the guitar over and beat on it like a drum.

    :;whimper:: ::whimper more::

    I made the warehouse guys NUTS until the album came out.