WordPress 2.2

The girls both had friends, who happen to be sisters, sleep over last night. Let’s put it this way, a child who freaks out in thunderstorms to the point that she makes herself physically ill (one of mine) and a child who freaks out when another kid gets sick (one of theirs) is not the best combination for a near-summer sleepover.


So it was a good a time as any to upgrade to WordPress 2.2. Not that the WordPress folks give those still on 2.1.3 much choice.

Even though absolutely nothing went wrong this time, I followed the upgrade directions and it took 45 minutes give or take. You know your life is a little crazy when the hardest part about upgrading your blog is finding a continuous block of free time to do it. Backing up, deactivating plug-ins, deleting old files, uploading and then reactivating takes time. Can’t start and then come back to it since the process takes down the whole blog until the new upgrade script is run successfully. It would be great if WordPress could tell you which plugins are out of date without having to check them one by one, but at least the new version supposedly will not allow you to activate a plug-in that will break the blog.


One response to “WordPress 2.2”

  1. I haven’t had any trouble just uploading the files and hitting the upgrade.php script. I don’t turn off any plugins (and I have a nightly DB backup already).

    I suppose I could say I’m living dangerously, but worst case, I rename the plugins folder “old_plugins” to temporarily disable them all.